What is Guidance?

What is guidance?

What is guidance and what do I offer you if I offer you guidance.

Think about it, guidance is like learning to dance I show you the steps, I give you direction and understanding, and I also give you a perspective of what happens if you take wrong steps in the dance. Life is a dance – you face challenges and they show themselves to you over and over till you solve them, then they never show themselves again. It is because they are not there or is it because …

Think about the Guidance you need! 

where are you right now, and where do you want to be, Who can support you “a Coach” or “members”

How do you want the Guidance!  

Why do you want Guidance, when is a good time for you to get the Guidance and how do you want the Guidance, do you want a dance or do you want steps?

Reflex and ask

– seek and look – ask and know – being a member is a “life style” to share to improve or ask an ambassador for Guidance to know the difference – Guidance is a strong tool to use