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Reach out Tell, Share and Shape your life. CAL is our passion for life coaching, we believe that through the right influence you have a chance to create and establish the life you want to live. We believe you can do it, and we love to meet new people with different life stories, CAL is passion and ability to reach out to people and be a helping hand, support and guidance. Together we make a difference and we can make the changes we aim for, together we have the strength and the power to make it happen. Together we make it happen. Make your dreams come true and be a strong you because you can.



Your private place to tell your side of the story, you want your life to be private. Your challenges is not public, and you share your life with other ME members to find out what really you. Is it me - you ask?
You talk and in the forum. If you feel alone there is always someone to reach out to.
You are among other experienced who like you tell their side of the story
- you will know what can happen and what to expect - and how to move on.
It is - the story you tell


It is membership ~ Where you invite us to see the world through your eyes, it is your private chat and forum to shape your life - the feedback you get is from other BY-INVITATION-ONLY MEMBERS - You Tell - Share - Shape on the same level. So the Support you get is from someone who understands where you are in life


You are a mentor a coach it is your professional chat and forum to share life tools, what toolkits to know, what toolkits to learn or you will teach. We use each other for better performance


Unlimited access to the forums ~ It is your ticket it is your choice to make it all happen.
The program is your start a new lifestyle among people who support and guide you in what you want to do, One step forward day-by-day


Design your options for your employees. What does it take to have peace of mind at work, how can you support your employees best way? by giving them access to the support and guidance they need. Employees win - you win


Templates are always to have and learn the structure from. Once you have a template in mind - you can work it automatically, it becomes yourself coaching to result

Choose Your Way

Life challenges are the Story you Tell, Life Tools are what you share and know, Lifes victories is how you manage to Shape your way, how you Life Coach Your-Self. There is a forum to TELL, There is a forum to Share, there is a forum to Shape. Make your choice.

Me member

Let’s talk about ME for a minute, in the forum we share our stories Day-to-Day, what challenges us in daily life. We exchange to help each other make a difference to the better, be a better family, be better at work, be better to exercise, be better at all the chores we face. Let’s help each other, this is daily practice, it is the small things that count.

The DAY-TO-DAY talk

My member

MY TOOLBOX Am I challenged in what is happening to ME or when I work as mentor, coach or MY Self-Coaching, here you share your skills, knowledge and results, how to get the best out of whatever you do. Each one of us is different, each challenge is different, facts is that each day we grow and learn new things with the TOOLS we use.

Share and create Teams Categories, Subjects 



By invitation only

I INVITE YOU TO CHALLENGE ME TO USE MY LIFE TOOLS BETTER  ~ Am I challenged in my life, this can be from work to family, anything in life, I want to use myself better, by the questions I ask myself and what I tell myself, I want to be the best at what I do, and I seek others that wants the same, we challenge and exchange knowledge, skills and best practice on all levels of life, as lifementors as family member, as brother, as sister, as colleague, as friend, here you share your skills, knowledge and results, how to get the best out of whatever you ARE AND DO. You seek to find the way and get wisdom, you want to make wise decisions, you use your life and time to make a difference.

In what you choose, you make a choice, you make the difference.

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