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A safe place to ask the questions that are flooding your mind
Strategic answers that give clarity on how to go from stuck to action



Personal Enlightenment

Be Brave

ME-Member, You Team up with 12 to Be Brave. It is for minor problems in your life, example your boss does not understand you, solution talk to your team and then the solution will Apia. You have trouble with your Partner share with your team and the solution will Apia to you.

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Enlightenment in Motion

Be Smart

MY-Member Program You are 12 in your team. It is for people who want to; Bridge the gaps between what you want and what you can, that is what MY-Member is all about, an example I have 60 people in my team, only have the 20 with me. I need new learning tools and skills. I Attend a Master Class to be Smart


Here are our services and features, that we offer to support your coaching business

Be Even More Visible

Take your coaching Service to a higher-performance-level and show your potential clients what you offer.



Build Your Dreams Through Enlightenment
(Private, Exclusive)

Be Dynamic

By-Invitation-Only is about your deepest feelings and desires in life, you team up with 12 people to empower you to be brave, strengthen you to be smart, and help you be Dynamic, It is for you - who find it difficult to adapt to your Boss needs and wants, Who want to find the family where you belong, get out of stress, fear and anxiety. You are not facing it alone, you are in a team whom you can aks, we will have your back covered - for you to say - Thank god for CAL

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A Safe Place to ask!

Free your employees for stress, anxiety, depression and lack of performance
Offer your employees - One step forward day-by-day - change performance to


Be Happy In Real Life

♣ Focus on what you want ♦

Coaching for Excellence:  Reach your personal and professional goals. Mentor Groups, Mastermind Partnerships, Team Coaching Programs, and more…
All designed for you to achieve results that exceed your expectations!
Remember – You must ask to get more out of life Our Services and Team of Experts are here to help you find answers – we are support to you every step of the way.
Remember – People who want more out of life have questions, and our Services and Team of Experts are here to help you find answers – we support you every step of the way. is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

Programs – Session

Life Coaching changes Lives

3 Month… will make you WAKE-UP

6 Month… will make you ENGAGE

12 Month… will enroll it into a HABIT

1 - CAL sessions

Each CAL coach has a
3 -6- 12-month Program

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Templates are always to have and learn the structure from. Once you have a template in mind - you can work it automatically, it becomes yourself coaching to result