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Making a difference – Self-control – Mindfulness – Reliability – Obedience – Silence – Peace – Passion – Pleasure – Privacy – Understanding – Kindness – Helpfulness – Achievement – Success – Victory – Wisdom – Health –

10 –  Things to think about, when you write your blog.

  1.  A good headline.

 That tells us what we are going to read about

2.What are you asking for
    • Please write this in the beginning, so we who are reading it “understands”


  1. Write what you have on your heart,
    • As you feel it, in good manners, no one wants to read things that is not thought through, write decent and think, do not send it in when you are sad, upset feel let down.


  1. Write so everyone can read and understand it
    • Let us all have a change to understand your story, what you would like to say, give us all a change to see your point.


  1. Keep it simple
    • You can be deeply involved, and remember it is the first time we read it, keep it simple and explain, take the time, if you decide to write a blog use it, with all the right intentions.


  1. Know and trust
    • That we will all do our best for good feedback, support and therefore, what would you like from us, what kind of feedback, what kind of support, understanding or advise.


  1. Take your time to tell your story
    • Your message, what your success is, where you are going


  1. Make the difference you aim for, and make the difference
    • give your best advice to others.


  1. Read it yourself before you public it,
    • make sure it is safe and what you want to add to your name


  1. Make a choice to make a difference, be a decent person in all you do.


With all the skills and knowledge we have, good questions are

  • Do we use our skills and knowledge the right way?
  • Do we know the tools and skills in our profession and are we using them right?
  • What is our challenge?
  • How can I improve and be even better, at what I do in my life.
  • What tools are the best for me to use.
  • What skills do I need to acquire.
  • Why do I use the one I do.

I will tell my success story, I will tell my challenges in my story, I will share with you, what I learned. I will grow and learn from hearing your success.

To share our knowledge gives us the opportunity to work wise to improve our life’s. Lifecoaching is a tool to learn from those who know how.


By“ Benjamin Franklin”

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”


A good blog is always a treasure to read

CAL coachingandlife for RPL

Any forum in CAL builds on decency, politeness, support, kindness, help and understanding. It is a place where, we share to improve ourselves. It is a place, where each of us take the time to do decent and good. We aim to be the friend we never had. We are all experienced people and we share our ways.

We tell our story within CAL to improve our own doing, to find our own outcome, we seek to improve ourselves. To be a better ME with MY knowledge. To BE WHO I AM.

We can do anything, we cannot do everything, that is our challenge and our choice to make for that will determine our outcome.

Our way to create the right thing and for the right choices will give us the outcome we are seeking and balance in our lives.

Be proud of what you do and do what is right for you

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