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Lawyer and Mentor Maien Kruuse.

I am a lawyer and have worked professionally with the law full-time for many years, first of all in the central administration (the ministry-regi), then in the private sector, where I am still working.

Two years ago, I was introduced to a business opportunity, based on CBD-hemp-oil, and I was so excited that today I work 70% with the business and 30% with law.

I believe the power of CBD oil and I am dedicating my time and effort togeher with >> The World’s Leading CBD <<  company, as an ambassador, and therefore if you like to hear and know more about CBD oil. I am here to help and support you. Please join my show-up, which you find on the calendar page.

Why so excited for the CBD-business?

Promoting CBDPromoting human health

Because I have always had a passion for helping others and with this CBD-business I was given the opportunity to live out my full potential in this field.

I was given the opportunity to spread awareness of a whole new world with hemp-oil-products. Products that have the potential to balance the internal of our body, both physically and psychologically, and in this way help promoting human health and quality of life.

The brief history of the hemp-plant
Since the Stone AgeThe benefits
Ban and consequences

My own experience with CBD-hemp-oil

A great benefit

First, at all I had to test the CBD-oil on my own body. And I have benefited greatly from the oil.

After one month I gained more energy, a better mood, and much better sleep. And after five months the pains caused by my longstanding spinal-stenosis * disappeared (Nerve pains and cramping in both legs when walking. Therefor I could only walk 200-300 meters at a time, after which I had to sit down. The only way to ease the pains) A disease as my doctor had described as a debilitating disease, which I had to live with for the rest of my life. But the CBD-oil made a difference and belied the doctor´s words. How happy I was, and I still am.

Simultaneously I gained an understanding of how and why hemp works almost miraculously on humans and animals. I do not doubt for a moment that CBD is supported by a real improvement in people’s health


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