Let’s talk about me for a minute, in the forum we share our stories from day to day

What challenges each one of us in daily life. we exchange to help each other make a difference to the better, be a better family, be better at work, be better to exercise, be better at all the chores we face.

Let’s help each other, this is daily practice, it is the small things that count.

We are all experienced people and we all have a story to tell, it is to use or story to help ourselves and others

We join ME-MEMBER to be part and belong, we do because we know, that we are there for eachother, we are are grateful and thankful for each other, we do in good manners.

Coaching is a great tool to stay, at the same level, have respect and understand one another, we are all different, we look different from one another, we have different age, different colors, different understanding of the same words, different feelings about the same word or thing, we like different things,  things has different meaning, we need different things.

We love being different, there is only one,  and we need to feel loved and what we aer doing is good. What we in several situations need to learn is that there is no right and wrong, there are different ways. We need to learn that me success is maybe not what you would feel as a success. May challenges is not your challenges, and my way is only one of many ways.

We need to learn and that we do here in the forum. You will meet and talk with people you would never meet in daily doings and life. Enjoy the input you get.

Remember you are the only one who knows your way, you are the expert in your life.


ME-MEMBER is about taking good care of yourself, your skills, your family and you. Here we help each other, we aim and seek to understand, and we aim to be understood.

We aim to seek ways for wise behavior, and to to things wisely with good manner.

Make promises to keep, respond with respect, and make wise decisions.

And think about:

It is wise, NOT to make promises when you are happy,
It is wise, NOT to reply when you are angry
AND  it is very wise, NOT to make decision when you are sad
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