Open the Gate to Your Possibilities

How Can We Help?

Each Team as a different focus, Be Brave: How you achieve in daily life, Be Smart:New learning and life tools to achieve. Be Dynamic: How set goals and make your plan to achieve them.

The difference is:

  1. Your commitment to yourself and the team
  2. How fast you want to progress
  3. What areas of life you want to work with
  4. How much time you want to spend

Our community is for People who want to achieve goals and move forward in their lives and having fun while practicing.

If you have any questions ASK Us.


MY-Member Program is for the following people; Bridge the gaps between what you want and what you can, that is what MY-Member is all about, an example I have 60 people under me and I only have the 20 with me – how can I get the last 40 with me.

Practical Information

CAL is your Masterclass for learning life’s tools

  • You get Entry into CALmunity where all coaches are
  • You become Entry to your CAL-Team 12 CALs
  • Team Meetup virtually every week, 45min
  • Team Weekly virtual call with CALcoach 45 min
  • Your private CAL Forum for your Team – online
  • Open CAL Q&A cross subject and teams
  • Office hours online with CAL coaches Q&A
  • Access to 150 Templates GAP analysis, Plans
  • Access to ALL Coaches
  • (Sign a contract) for U4U get life in Scope

78 Hours + Forum + Templates + Q&A

Here Is How It Works

Here is how our membership works:  You spin your whole life arround WHY: Why do you want it?  WHAT: what do you want? HOW: How do you make it happen? and WHEN: When will you do it?

WHAT: 75%
  • WHY: 5%
  • WHAT: 75%
  • HOW: 10%
  • WHEN:10%


MY Member is Coaches looking to for more and new skills and tools to take them to the next stage of their personal/professional development. The question WHAT is always in focus, What do you need to know and learn. MY Membership bridges the gaps between where you are and where you want to be.

You will Have Direct
Access to The Forum and all Information on the site
Within 48 Hours
CAL will be With you to a sign you to your Team and give your Onboarding