Executive Coaching Disciplines

How to gain alignment across on a daily basis

Executive Coaching Disciplines including real-time tools

With Berit Ladefoged, Business Coach

Why Executive Coaching Disciplines will give insight and facts?

Take yourself beyond what you see possible today

Use the benefits from data-driven insight and facts

Alignment is the key to progress

Build the resilient human chain you need to optimize results at all levels

Executive Coaching Disciplines

Executive Coaching Disciplines with data aggregation lets you meet real-time insight and facts. Real-time is real life as it is today and in the program Executive Coaching Disciplines we enhance and extend.

Alignment With the Executive Coaching Disciplines means understanding the needs of today, based on fresh data gathered and analyzed to give you insight in real-time from real life.

Executive + Real-time Analytics

6 Months of Various Executive Coaching Disciplines + CaL Data Aggregate Platform

This package is designed for Senior Leader level through the Board of Directors ( on-going 12 months package)

  • 4 x Career Coach
  • 4 x Life Coaching
  • 2 x Family RE-Fresh

Leadership Skill Assessments

License to CaL Real-time Data Aggregate SaaS Platform + Aggregation Tool Training

Package Topics Includes:

  • Enhance strategic thinking
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Increase executive presence
  • Greater Time Management and Efficiency
  • Negotiation Coaching and Preparation
  • Improved Introspection Exercises
  • Increased awareness and perspective
  • Family Coaching and Balance
  • Improved listening and communication skills
  • Strengthened relationships
  • Confidence Building Exercises
  • Refine communication skills
  • Boost credibility with peers and managers
  • Garner greater influence
  • Training and Understanding of Analytic Platform
  • Remote and in house Team Building
  • Refine Interpersonal Skills


  • Guest Panel Member during future Show Up Webcast
  • Access and Promotion through our CaL Partner Network
  • Access to Leaders FORUM Networking community
  • Access to FORUM Networking community
  • 6-month Licensing Access to CAL Enterprise for your company + Set-Up + Training




Free choice of a coach from Coachingandlife for executive

Executive coaching is designed to help you get the insight facts and overview you need to make smarter decisions.


With Executive Coaching

You add focus and scope to your achievements. This is a boost to gain the lift up to where you want to be executive coaching


Boost Your Executive insight

Gain Executive insight and facts of your possibilities by discovering new levers. Build your self-confidence and push your limits.

Take Control

Control your emotions, to communicate in times of crisis, and to make each problem a challenge in the service of your relationships. Executive coaching is the firm insight and facts

The Focus

Gain insight and take advantage of the Executive coaching tools to bring out what has always been in you.

Launch and do it

Do you want to strengthen these skills? Book your Sessions.

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Mikael Poulsson
Anytime I feel I need inspiration to my life, or usable feedback I turn to this Network, I tell my story and I get the feedback, for what to do, I have solved topic I never dreamed of that I could, thank you CAL for making it possible.
Mikael Poulsson / Loxam
Berit Ladefoged
Even a mentor face lack of confidence, I am here to be with likeminded I work with clients all over the world and help them achieve their goals in life - where I get answers to my questions for me as a mentor, I get the help to select different tools in my work, the chance to talk about the difficulties of being a mentor and a life coach, this is a great opportunity. Thank you - Love being here.
Berit Ladefoged / Flexco
Rasmus RPL
This is my answer to the questions WE ask. CAL is my life's work to help people achieve their success and dreams. You know the answers, it's the questions that are hard, the question is how to get it. We are members because we engage and in private, I am in the forum. Ask me! Why and what I did! and I will tell you.
Rasmus RPL / By invitation Only