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To out smarts how do you do it.

How smart are the people, we work with, and when do we discover that they are smart and have talents, we did not see at first?

When we think about it, do we know, what our colleagues are good at, can you see it, and are you aware of the skills, that you have compared to them, are you aware of how and what to do, when you are among them.

What is it, that your boss see’s that you cannot see, and how does it show.

Like millions of others, I went through phases, when I was cocksure I could outsmart my colleagues.

When we work smart, use our skills, our awareness, listens to what comes from the inside, we know fast, we get a picture, we get a filing, we know.

When we do a presentation for other people, we know within seconds, how the attitude is, what they are going to say, what they feel and what they are willing to do.

When we close for the inner power or wisdom, we will not have access to all our skills and awareness.

When our boss out smarts us or others is it because he is calm, he is mindful and paying attention to what is happening. This gives the advantage of being able to see what is happening.

We sometimes think, we must talk, that we must do, sometimes the wise waits for the moment. Waits for the moment that is right, and this opening that moment will show you.

We only need to be patient and know, when this moment is, this we have to look for, where as we sometimes are so focus on telling, what we know.

Why would we be so eager to tell something that we already know?

Why would we not wait to hear, what others are seeing in order to know, what level we are on?

Why do we not wait?

What makes us jump out and just do it?

What is wise things to work and talk about when we need to learn the skills and competence, so we are not out smarted.

Wait and listen.

lets make a difference


From all of us in CAL to you, we hope you will get joy and happiness and we wish we are able to create a room space for your to express yourself and may your story help others. We learn so much for one an other, remember CAL does not have the answer, CAL makes the room for you.

IT TAKES STRENGTH and COURAGEOUS to be, WHO you are,  in this World, which constantly wants to CHANGE you, to make you fit, only you know WHO you are and what potential you have, and you need to be be brave, be strong, be WHO you are