Think about kindness for a second. Think about the smile, the kind word, the helping hand, the willingness to listen, the offer to help.

Kindness comes in many forms, and what they all have in common is the feeling they leave, the impression you have inside when you think about it, once it is all over.

Kindness is one of the most powerful tools, as it is almost impossible to conquer.

If you meet kindness, what happens to you?
If you meet kindness, how do you act?
If you meet kindness, what do you do?
If you meet kindness, how do you talk?
If you meet kindness, how do you feel?

Kindness is the best tool we have to conquer many of our challenges in life to an even better outcome. Why – because with kindness you get the collaboration from the people involved. You get the best of what they have ( and is that not what you want)

Kindness is what opens our eyes.
Kindness is what gives us hope

Kindness is excellent support when you aim to achieve the outcome in your life.

This week we will keep kindness in focus in our doings, we will be aware of our kindness and be grateful and notice when we see, hear and feel kindness from others.

Kindness is fundamental to our peace of mind; it is the first step into the peace of mind because it will allow us to let it go and we all know that a peaceful mind can achieve so much more, and has much more abilities to think and create even better.

This week we practice kindness, and we seek the stories that support the act of kindness. Tell your story in the forum and let your fellow members know, what you have achieved using kindness as a life coaching tool.

This week we practice kindness, and we talk about how difficult and challenging we find it, keeping our kindness alive.

This week we practice kindness, and we are open to the personal challenges we face and discover.

The story you tell yourself will determine how you move on and all you need to change is your attitude to kindness when you think about it.
It is not about what happened to you; it is about how you manage to let it go and move on without it changing who you are, using your kindness to heal yourself.
Your inner feeling will determine how you let it go. Kindness to yourself will bring you peace of mind. Remember you are not like THEM, you are not the one who needs to tell lies, cheat, steal, and look into peoples private personality of private e-mails, take screenshots of phone calls. You are not the one, who is doing anything wrong.
It is so easy to be like them filled up with hate and pain. If people need to hurt you, who are they? And are you happy that you never need to be among them again?

In those cases be kind to yourself

Do not destroy things permanently because you are temporarily upset.

It is not about what they did to you, and how they did it, it is about how you use your kindness to be kind to yourself and move on.

Get them out of your life – forgive them and let them go.

We will work and practice forgiveness later this year and for now, I know, that for some it can be hard to forgive and let go, you must remember, that because you forgive them, you do not accept what they did, you use kindness to yourself to let it go. It does not mean that you need to ever talk to these people, or be in same room as them. It says that you use kindness to let it go and move on. You offer yourself peace of mind.

People filled with hate and pain, show their acts in their doings if you have strength and kindness you do not need to hurt others.

Think about our children in school how hard the kids and the parents are to each other. Some parents are even willing to report other parents to seek their rights. Where are kindness and understanding when you think about?
Children in school must be the same even though we know that it is the diversity that creates the future.

Kindness is the tool to overcome pain and hate.

How will you use kindness differently this week?

I will use kindness in all I do; I believe that keeping the word in focus to myself, will give me an awareness of my kindness.

I will show kindness by being patient in my behavior, and I will listen carefully and show mildness and kindness.

I will show kindness by giving respect to others.

Please add to the list of what you will do.

With kindness, you open for our inner peace of mind, and with a peaceful mind you have the opportunity to dream and think about the life want to have and live.

Tasks for this week:

What difference do you want?
Where will you use kindness?
How can kindness support your doing?
How will kindness change you?

Life Coaching is about finding the right life tool that can help you achieve the outcome you are seeking, and the first step can be kindness in all you do.

Start using the free forums for your own practice

Find out the power of kindness for you.

For me working with kindness in my life coaching has given me enormous insight into how I use my life learning tools and how I use myself.
I have a different mindset, and I see and understand many things in life differently. I am divergent, and this is how I create and get some of the best outcomes.

Being good at what I do has given me many challenges over time, and some of the hardest to overcome has been:

When my former employer looked into my private life, from whom I called to e-mails I wrote. Kindness helped me get over it and move on.
When they told lies and cheated by using e-mails in different manners, kindness helped me forgive them and let me move on.

Kindness has become even more powerful to me, and this is why when we practice kindness this week, I hope you will discover the real power as I have.

I am grateful to life and all the experiences that life has given me. I ask to find strength and guidance in all challenges I face.
Why me, why give me these challenges and why is it that I do not process the knowledge to solve them.

I know the power of telling my side of the story, it is so lovely to be able to tell and let it out, and find meaning in what is happening, it feels so unfair at the moment, the moment where you feel powerless and does not understand your role and impact.
It happened to me, what did I do to let it happen and why did I not see it coming. All the questions you ask
ME- is all about our life stories.

I know the power of share life tools and knowledge, and think about it, at the end of the day what makes the difference is our life tools and knowledge, the same story can happen to someone else, and that person knows different life tools and comes out the situation better and stronger.
Sharing life tools makes all the difference in the world and using MY to share life tools is how we add to our life learning.

MY is important to you who wants to add life learning.

I know the power of shaping my life to be even better, do good today and make a solid foundation for tomorrow,
BY-INVITATION-ONLY is the forum where I invite you to join my private life to whom I am and my understanding, we support, guide and help each other – often be wake-up calls comes from other members.
It is the forum where we add our life stories ME with our life toolbox MY – it equals up to BY-INVITATION-ONLY. Shaping my life is what gives me peace of mind, when I know I have done my best, I am not in competition with anyone, I am here to learn and teach myself to be my best at what I do.
BY-INVITATION-ONLY is first step og in between my life coaching session, the Life Coaches at CAL support and add value in different areas of life. They are talented and have great life impact. Members-supporting-members is day-t-day making it happen for me. Whereas life coaching hours and taking a program is when the need is for a permanent change where I need support and guidance.

Life is one long string of happenings and how we teach or learn to conquer our challenges to achieve a good life.

You achieve your goals and outcome in life with the right support, help, and guidance.
We use to be able to learn from our family and friends, and we still do, it is not enough too many things happens too fast, ask yourself, how much more have you done and achieved compared to your family and or your friends.

The online life is changing so much so fast for us, how we learn to fit and adapt makes all the difference in the world.

Where you find support and guidance is all that matters, within CAL we aim to support and guide each other best ways with the use of life coaching.

Life changes, and it is the last smile that we remember, the talk we have and the eyes we see, that is what we remember that is what stays with us, and we feel deep within the love and kindness, the last smile is what gives us you and peace of mind.

At the end of the day, when we do the right thing, we get peace of mind. All the courage you seek and all the challenges you conquered when you do the right thing for the right reasons, you never think about it again, it becomes who you are and what you do. Even the people who hurt you fade out, you forget who they are and what they did.

What you remember is the helping hand, the one who reached for you when you needed it.

I remember a boy from school who took the time to read and practice with me; I remember all our talks, I remember the rooms the apartments.
I remember

One Christmas we were celebrating at my brothers, and we forgot a part of the dinner. I knew how important it was to my mother, and I drove 1 hour back to get it, and when I arrived they were almost eating Christmas dinner. Yes, we got it, and I never think about it today. I know, I did it. Else it would have stayed with me forever, in a wrong way.

See this is the strange part for all of us, we remember what good people – we forget everything else,

We forget all good we do, we remember what we should have done.

This week we practice our kindness, which means that over time we will not remember because it will fade out.

Peace of mind is about doing the right thing for you. When you do the right thing for you, it is who you are and what you do. It is in balance with who you are.
Practice kindness to give you peace of mind. Kindness will help you support your way of life. That is why kindness is a key stone in all you do.

Hurt, hate, nasty people that is their choice, I know it is a difficult stoner to turn, start by step-by-step.

The awareness you have from – just thinking about the word – will make the first change.

Define your kindness

Write down how many times you felt kindness

Write down how many times you use kindness

Choose to use kindness

This week we practice kindness in our doings. I wish you all the best, and you will find me in the forums talking with others about kindness.

Use the forum to express your own experience in using kindness as your guide to peace of mind.

Wite down how much better you feel, when you use kindness for yourself and others in your behavior.

Once you know how important kindness towards yourself and others are? It will be hard to let it go.

Looking back at what has happened to me, I forgive them; They are fading out of my memory and life. I am so happy that kindness has helped me to let go and move on.

I wish and hope that you achieve what you get out for yourself this week.

I wish you well