Information is a strong tool

We all need coaching at a time in our lives?

Often when you speak to a friend or someone you, trust you get the real-time feedback to be able to adjust and adapt to the performance needed to exchange a good response.

But what if we do not agree, what if we believe something very different and what your boss is saying is a lie, wrong.

Wrong Will Always Be Wrong

– Even Though Everyone Is Doing It, And

Right Will Always Be Right Even If No One Does It

Why is information is a strong tool?

We all respond to what we believe is better, smarter and wiser. Information is what you build your story on, and information is a strong tool to make people do what you want them to.

Coaching is a tool to respond well to the information you get. If you believe what a person says you will respond as this person expects, but if you do not believe what the person says, you will respond differently.

What does it mean that information is a strong tool?

It means the power of the outcome.

Think about, if a boss says do not engage with this person – what will you do, you will not engage, or if you feel that the Boss is holding back or has a hidden agenda – what do you do? Information is a strong tool to make people react, respond and move.

With the Whistleblowing directive the employees now have a law, that protects them against the retaliation a business does towards it employees, when they respond differently – information is a strong tool to ensure that people react as desired.

I remember years ago, when a CEO told me that Denmark was an EU cheapest market on Pharmaceuticals, thinking about it – I smiled and said nothing, knowing that Denmark has a parallel import of medicine makes those words very hard to cope with, but the power comes from the position and information is a strong tool to get what you want.

I did not  say or do anything, but knowing this is not true, Denmark is one of the most expensive markets in the world.

We always need to pay attention to the facts that information is a strong tool. We need to know what is real and what we can rely on.

People use their positions differently and they tell a story to match their needs.



How to know information is a strong tool.

You feel the power of information when you do not get the right information to respond to.

Facts are then more than ever we all need to have good colleagues whom we can trust, a good family that we can rely on. We cannot afford to run into someone who cheats us and we fail.

I had a Boss for 8 years who was the biggest, cheapest and cheat, with me one agenda and with his management group another agenda. One day the truth will come out, and people will discover what a lie and cheat, but do not stay as I did and let them fire you, they will retaliate you and hurt you and your family.

If we had been living in any other country, I do believe they would have killed me. Be careful how you use what you know because the information is a strong tool, it’s much stronger than you can ever imagine if you have not been up against lies and cheaters with the power of a lot of money.


information is a strong tool

Feedback The key to information is a strong tool.