Good Hygiene: Where and What

We have good hygiene to stay healthy and well

To protect ourselves and the people around us from getting sick

Good Hygiene
Where What and How to keep good hygiene

Good Hygiene
Bateria and Virus

Bakterias support many functions and most of all our bakterias are good. A bakteria Multiply every hour, that is the challenge and why we must keep it down

1*2 = 2*2 =4*4=16*16=256*256=65536

Viruses multiply by using a host cell’s metabolism and core reactions to make lots of copies of themselves

Good Hygiene
Wash your Hands

You wash your hands to protect yourself. FIrst step to break a chain is to wash your hands

Think of your hands as a tool. You would never eat with a fork someone else has used in a restaurant – it’s how you think about it.


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