for anything to change to take place is


it al starts with what you do

Below you find first Templates to use – start your life coaching of you today and make the changes you seek

Do it because you can achieve the outcome you seek ~ and you are not alone seek the right member-ship for You

Start working for change

Where are you? How are you?

First, close your eyes and breathe deep – wait until you feel the inner peace coming to you. Wait and sit for a second. Then start writing what happened for you – how you feel, what you feel and why you feel it.

Look within and when you are ready to use the template, write your story if you are not ready to share your life story to start working do it for yourself. Use the templates to make the changes you seek and want in your life.

Make it happen for you.

If you are ready to share your work in ME-MEMBER.

Here you will get feedback from other ME-MEMBERS who like you are using the template for change.

Feed-back sharing life challenges at the moment are so powerful. It is not an open forum for all, it is a closed forum for ME-MEMBERS to share the challenges.

You can use the templates by yourself. Know that it is hard to do changes by yourself. When you share your story. You talk aboug you and what is happening for you.

Your life matters, your story matters.