Family values.

Our family values are what we like, desire and what matters. We live our values every day whether we like them or not. If your values do not make your feel good, achieve well as you desire. Change them you are not a tree. Your family values are decided by you.


What are examples of family values?

When we spend time together as friends and family, we get a feeling of what is right and wrong – that feeling is decided by your values ( how you define love, trust, share, care. We live our values every day, we don’t just talk about them, we live them.

Your values are shown in what you do, and you find people, who believe, love, and have values just like you. It’s why you become like the people you surround yourself with.



How do you define your family values?

Definition. Values are the reason why you do it, I need trust, so I can rely on, believe that the person is going to be there, I need honestly because I want to succeed with my initiatives define “family values” and decide what is important. Here at Coachingandlife our Board member Berit Ladefoged runs the program 52 ways, which takes you through 52 values and helps you understand other people. See we do not fail, or misunderstand each other on purpose, we do it because our values are different and that we have not found an alignment or common understanding.

Forums: Family Values

Why do you need to practice your values in a forum? and how does a safe place to ask save you from feeling stupid and misunderstood? The forum is your success driver to succeed at all levels with your family values.

How do to get started?

It’s easy just sign up and we will contact you, and get you started in your forum. Often when we worry or fear something is going to happen – guess what it does, because we cannot stop thinking about it. The forum will clear your mind on a daily basis and help you get the clarity you need to focus on what you want. Imagine the feeling of loving your family to the bone.

Do you have questions about the family value forum?

We are here to support you, with answers and feedback. Together we take you to where you want to be. What you want, need and desire is our agenda.

With you we make it happen.

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Programs: Family Values

A Program will help you reprogram to what you want, need and desire. Sometimes we have been tough wrong family values. Our parents did the best they could from their perspective and their world, but sometimes those values just does not match what you want need and desire. Chose your family values and know what you stand for, how to respond when you meet people with other values than yours.

A Program.

The program is tailored to what you want, need and desire. After the program you will master and handle situation much better, you will have a clear mind and be free from worry and trouble.

You get to choose and you get to see the difference.

Feedback: Family Values

The feedback you get, is what you will respond to, so think again before you respond. You are the solely decision maker of your response. We work with feedback to help you get insight into why you get upset, why you get angry or why you get sad, worry or fear. Whatever you like to change it all starts out with your intentions to feel good, is the coaching world we say, serve your master of values. If you say you fail, you will fail, if you say you will succeed you will succeed.

The success you do not see

Remember feedback is other people fulfilling their values, has nothing to do with you, nor what you want. Because other people fail to give you good feedback, you do not need to fail.

Rise and understand the feedback and achieve the family values you want, need and desire.