We Offer you as Coach



Here is why you should team up with CAL

Why work alone and not have a coach team to back you up. CAL is your support and Toolbox and here is what you get.

You get access to

  1. Create your own closed forum for your client
  2. Have office hours and speak to potential clients
  3. Forum, Webinars, Toolbox and Templates
  4. Payment system and control over your accounts and settings

You will team up with ofter coaches who are Entrepreneurs just like you. Who want to build a strong lasting Platform to serve and do what you do best.

Here is what you get:

One Stop for your Clients
1. Support - Guidance
2. Network and Practice
3. Knowledge and Expand
4. Teamwork and Performance

Here is what you get:

One Stop for yourself as Coach
1. Support - Guidance in MasterClass
2. Network and Practice with like-minded Coaches
3. Knowledge and Expand - to a higher level
4. Teamwork and Performance to Excellence

25 first Coaches that joins - gets ONE chapter in our Best Seller Book
with Divya Parekh - as co-writer.



Master Class For Your Team

Take Your Own Mentoring to the next level, by sharing your Challenges, Victories with like-minded, and as Mentor or as Coach, you get all the benefits from CAL like posting your business on Linkedin and Facebook.

Next Level is to join as Partner and help Shape CAL

Practical Information

  • Entry into CALmunity
  • Access and meet up with all CALcoaches
  • CALL every week with CALTeam
  • Name on the Page
  • Get your program on the Page
  • Get promotion every day with your name your business
  • Access to post on Lindkedin and Facebook
  • Impact on tools and templates
  • Offers to members
  • Promoted in the name CAL
  • Own forum for you Clints
  • Promoted in CAL





Be Brave

You will be supporting

ME-Members, who are for minor problems in your life, example your boss does not understand you, solution talk to your team and then the solution will Apia.

Be Smart

You will be supporting

MY-Member Program for the following people; Bridge the gaps between what you want and what you can, that is what MY-Member is all about, an example I have 60 people under me and I only have the 20 with me – how can I get the last 40 with me.

Be Dynamic

You will be supporting

By-Invitation-Only which is about your deepest feelings and desires in life, example you feel that you are a failure as a father, everything I say and do is wrong in the eyes of my son and I can’t fix it. Thank god for CAL