The Angle Of Reason Work For Your Dreams

The angle of reason. Having said that it all make good sense, you see the world as you see it and as you feel. It can never be in any other way. You are unique in all you do and in all you experience.
The algorithm you have is unique, no one has ever tied what you have done nor will anyone ever do.
Time passes through a river, and your time and your water is now, the wave you are in will never be there again, this is for you.

It is your change to bring out the best in you. It is your journey and it is your experience and your responsibility to take good care of what is happening to you.
Your side of the story is what is important toy you. Because you feel, hear, see and live it, you draw the experience that good part but also the consequences.
What you take with you is all up to you, how you manage to take yourself through life is all up to you, how you do and what you experience is all up to you. What you do makes a difference to no one else but you. There can be only one.
Define who you are and start living your dream, if you do not have a dream seek one, join one of our programs and make it your goal to find the dream you have with in. Your mind is made for dreaming, so if you stopped dreaming ask yourself. What is my dream. If you cannot find your own dream borrow one from your children.

Your dream should become your passion, what you want to live for. Do not be covered in what everyone else thinks and says. Be who you are.

In all we go through you are not here to take advantage of others or hurt, bully or cheat others, we are here to learn to do what we do best, you are in no competition with anyone else but yourself. You must define what kind of person you want to be. You must define, what is right for you.
My son is being bullied in school – why because he is different and he does things in a different algorithm than other people, does this make him a bad person, no he has a heart that is larger than anyone else. He of everyone understands what it is to feel sad and alone, that there are no one there for you. Him you can always reach out to even kids that just bullied him.
Coming to the point:

What is tolerance?
Is tolerance that you want everyone to be like you?
What does tolerance mean to you?
Think about tolerance for a second. In one of the webinars or programs you have the opportunity to work different words and meaning.
Actually words is what makes us understand it is what makes us make the map.
If you are to reach a destination you must have the map over the landscape, and it must be a accurate map. If the map is wrong you will never reach the destination.
How can you ensure that you sit with the right map.

I am new, and I have for a period of time been struggling to understand my challenges and I have not been able to solve my challenges. As of today I found out that I did not have the right foundation or map of how things look. How was I ever going to solve anything with the wrong basic knowledge. Why did anyone not tell me.
Why would you not support guide and help someone on right path or track.

In the memberships you make your own choices to how you like to seek support, guidance and help. See if you decide not to support, guide and help someone, that will not mean that they do wiill not find their way, it just means that when you need their support, guidance and help, you will have to find someone else.
We never remember the people who was not there for you, over time they fade out and you forget their names. What you will always remember is the people you stood up for you and who supported you when you needed it.

It is a feeling inside that you will always recall.
I still remember the person who guided me in school
I still remember the person who was there the day I go fired
I still remember the person who called me and was thinking of me.


Who do you remember.

The strange thing is – when I reach out I do not feel as the strong one who is supporting someone else.
I feel weak and vulnerable and I feel unsure.

How do you feel?

Being part of the forums make me feel sure, It is the place where I can tell my side of the story and it is the place where I can reach out to someone else. It is the place where I can support, guide and help others, and it is the place where I can tell, share and shape my own life.
We are there on same terms for the same reason to do better – I am not saying that you or I are not doing well, what I am saying by supporting, guiding and helping each other, together we can do so much better. There can be only one.
Which is the only thing we must all keep in mind. Define who you are. It is not about all the things you wish you could do, It is about how you define what you can do, and what you are willing to do to get it.

Integrity and balance are strong drivers to ensure that you stay true to who you are. It does not matter that you win the world if you lose yourself.
Your journey and the experience you get over the years it is how you manage to learn your way to achieve the right things to happen for you. There is always a price to pay and nothing comes to no one for free. Being a member at CAL is not for free, it is so much more than what you pay, it is who you are. It is how you tell share and shape your life with the support, guidance and help from others. Life has taught me that I cannot possible do things by myself.
If I tell my side of the story – I get feedback and it is the feedback that allows me to think again. I get choices to choose. There is not one way over the mountain – there are so many combinations that I cannot possible think them through – with the support from you, I have a change. To do better than I could ever imagine.
Life is one wave after another.
I cannot possible count on ride a wave all my life and not expect to hit challenges. I have had my share of waves, and I have had my share of good times.
I need a place to tell my side of the story, how I feel and what is happening for me.

What do you need and how do you manage
to support, guide and help yourself through the waves?

Going through it all is not about coming to the top by myself, it is the journey meeting the right people, it is having trouble and being lost with the right people.

Think about it, if you face hard times who do you want next to you ?
– 4 houses from us lives a high society family, where everything is perfect, perfect mother, perfect father, perfect daughter, perfect son and we are scum. The Perfect mother did not want her perfect son to play and she even took to a level where she involved the whole town.
We took care of her son for one year, every day he was standing outside our door wanting to come in and play, we never paid much attention to it, until one day when he stopped and all the harassment followed.
To us, to me it was a wave, we cannot all support and help at the same time, there is a time for support, there is a time to receive support, there is a time to guide and there is a time to receive guidance.
What we can is develop tolerance and understanding for things that are different from what you are, if you want different input or different outcome, it must come from a different mind-set.
It is as Einstein said it:
We cannot solve our problems with the same mindset as with the mindset we had when we created it.

So if you like change, you must seek input from different people than they once that are like you.
So if you like to grow and discover different view you must be among people who like you are moving forward.

Different is not lower or strange, different is just seeing things in a different angle than you do. It is all where you see it from.

Martin Luther King said – I have a dream.
With a dream you can move mountains and with your dream you can define who you are and what you want to be, but you must have a dream you must see it, feel it and want live it. Your dream is what will make you decide when you are there, a dream is not a destination it is a journey, your dream will form you and it will define you.
If you can see and feel your dream, you can make it happen and trust me, all it takes is all you got.
Nothing more, nothing less.

It is all your decision and it is all up to you.
Once you have made your decision there is no return, you will feel it grow inside you and you will start moving towards your dream.

Believe you can do and reach out for the support you need.
Your responsibility is to make the dream visible to other members so that we can try and understand what you need, the better you are at telling your side of the story. The better a good advice, a good word or comfort we can support you with.

On your way?

The journey you set out for, is just as you want it to be, and trust yourself, know that the feeling, the picture you have inside, is the right one for you.

Sitting here this moment, I have lost some of my dreams, I failed in what I believed and my former boss lied and cheated in a degree that is hard for me to let go. I must and I must like you ensure that my dream enrolls and becomes who I am and what defines me. I am me, I am my I am by-invitation-only. I invite you to hear my side of the story, not for you to feel sorry for me, but for you to support, guide and help me find the strength I need to move on.
It is what I want to happen for you.

If you reach out, If you tell your side of the story, I hope that I can be there to support, guide and help you. I hope that topics and webinars represent topics that toughs your life.
It is so much more than just a membership it is a place where we are for each other and your place to tell, share and shape your life and for us to support, guide and help. It is where algorithm comes in the right order and when waves hit, we are there for each other with the right mind-set. With the right guidance and with the help you need.

It is what we do for each other they support we offer and how we want to conquer challenges together. Of all the people I can face challenges together with, I am proud to say, that the life coaches onboard, they make me feel proud. Their support, their guidance is what makes a difference to me. The talks and the challenges I have gone through. They have showed me the best sides of life, and they have made me smile.

I hope that you find the same joy by being a CAL member.

by CAL Coachingandlife for RPL