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My child, my children


My skills, the way that I have learned to live my life. I give my knowledge, my willingness, my pride, my life, my destiny. My chrildren are the whole difference for me.

Will I be able to teach my child not to cry the same tears as me?

Will I be able to teach my child not to make the same mistakes as me?

Will I be able to teach my child not to walk the same path with the same challenges?

How different is my life’s questions from my own mother or father?

What I do matters and my choices has direct impact on my children.

In ME we talk about our children, and the challenges we face.

We can learn from each other, tell your story, let others know how you manage, be someone, get comments from others – help learn and grow. Together we are the difference


Love your child


Love them for all they are


Always try harder and never give up

Our children is our own future, and all that we invest in our children is what they will become it is the mirror of life.

Often we walk the same path as our own parents, and when we become parents, the role changes and we become, what we have always said we would not.

What difference are you making?

What is the right way for me and my children

Your child depends on your good behavior, to show the best role model

CAL coachingandlife for RPL

Any forum in CAL builds on decency, politeness, support, kindness, help and understanding. It is a place where, we share to improve ourselves. It is a place, where each of us take the time to do decent and good. We aim to be the friend we never had. We are all experienced people and we share our ways.

We tell our story within CAL to improve our own doing, to find our own outcome, we seek to improve ourselves. To be a better ME with MY knowledge. To BE WHO I AM.

We can do anything, we cannot do everything, that is our challenge and our choice to make for that will determine our outcome.

Our way to create the right thing and for the right choices will give us the outcome we are seeking and balance in our lives.

Be proud of what you do,

all the results will be shown in your child.

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  1. CAL Coachingandlife for RPL says:

    Give your children a chance – show them how to cope well in life. Learning and doing is all we have in this life – no matter what we say ….

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