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to get the results you want in life



People who Commit, Connect, and Create an Accountable Community – Achieve their goals


Here is how Questions work?

No written goals 45%
Written goals, no support 55%
Goals + support from Peers 90%
Goals+Quesitions from Peers + Support Coaching 100%

Are You Responsible For Developing Corporate Training?

Offering commitment and accountability to your staff using The Successful CAL SharePoint makes a significant difference, you increase completion rates and retention because commitment partnerships work.

  • You pair up with course members,
  • You get support to achieve your results
  • You sign a contract with yourself(optional)


You can get your team on The CAL platform into the training portal and get started fast! and know Each member is accountable for the team.


Are You Responsible For KPI’S and Results?

Peers help each other get through training, the whole point is to discover the strength of a team so they can acquire the skills and knowledge you paid for.

It’s the most empowering, efficient and economical way to deliver the valuable human result, You empower strengthen team performance to benefit your company and your clients. >> Click here to get an overall explanation


You can deploy our CAL platform and training portal and get started fast!

Members to be accountable

So what exactly what

does a membership give you?

Attention on your mindset

24/7 Free your mind from worries

Tools and Information

Privacy to ask – Closed Chats

Access to Templates

Track your Results

Accoutable to Team Members

Ask the Industri  the Company Yourself

Read our e-books

Sign a Contract with Yourself

Exclusive Forbes Coaches

The Power of Your Story

We have just given you

the best support system

for your performance


A Place To Ask Your Questions in Private  – FREE YOUR MIND


Tools and InspirationsTo Keep your life on track

And even more,

you can adjust the intensity of your membership as you prefer

The Membership takes you directly to Call to Action

Use the membership to get

Your life on track from Call to action

Sign a Contract with Yourself we keep you accountable

Adjust as you need with Exclusive Life Coaches

Your best Back-up system for your Performance

♦Forum, Access to the private forum for members

♦Personal support, everyone is different we need different service

♦Private guidance, if you need a life coach ask the one who matches you

♦Optimize your performance, keep your mind clear and free from worries

♦Membership, you must commit to yourself

♦Track and Trace, this is your investment in yourself 100% focus on you

♦Guidance system, we free your mind and goal track you

♦Optimize your performance, our structure and system will improve your performance 80%

Invest in yourself and your team 1 -5 dollars a Day

– how much are you spending on sick-leave and stress?

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Exclusive CAL

$ 39.95 for 1 month
$ 455.00 for 1 month with a 10-day free trial and a $ 199.00 sign-up fee



$ 107.00 for 1 month with a 10-day free trial and a $ 50.00 sign-up fee
$ 247.00 for 1 month with a 10-day free trial and a $ 199.00 sign-up fee

To succeed in Life

you need Goals and they come from

Inspirations and tools


Coachingandlife CAL is PrivateExclusive and closed

Get it right “in private” you can do it. You can open the gate to your life and what you want to happen. It’s why we are members supporting members because every one of us and me too needs a little support and push everyday in the right direction and that is hard work no matter what anyone says – it’s easy to watch TV – like on social medias. It’s tuff and hard work to make your dreams come true but promise me – do never fail yourself.

Even more we build you a visual system for every one to see how you are changing from 

Good to Great to Excellent

CAL will arrange a system in the office that helps you visualize positive changes

A system to ask – create a good work environment for everyone involved

Any new initiative always comes out of a question. We would not have a dishwasher today, had someone not ask how can we do this better

“Show you care to do better”

Use the tools like the cup at work, in meetings and at home

Add it to your table at work the days you can make a difference

Wear it to a school party and make a difference

Wear it when you work-out and make a difference

Awarded Best Online Coaching Forum

USA 2019


I am Berit Ladefoged CEO of Coachingandlife and from my own experience, I know what the right Back-up team can do for you. CAL is Your back up system to get Life on the tracks where you want to be with your health, mind, family, and business.

Surround yourself with people who bring out good energy and achievements in you. It’s day-to-day support and the right people.

Follow leaders that perform well and make good results to Build your strongest ME so you can Build the WE you want to be a part of in private and in business.


Invest in yourself, build your strongest ME

You will be so thankful that you did