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Me member – M

ME Member is a network, a place where we come together to talk and for all your daily topics, dreams, challenges and wishes.

Tell to talk

You tell – We tell our story to each other, and we help others by replying to their story.

We are here, because we have made a choice and want to do better and be better. We have choose to share with others in good manners, and we choose to do the right thing. It all starts with one, and we reach out to one another. Use the forum wisely to improve your life.

A place to share, and a place to grow and improve life.


ME:  they feel as if life is happening TO them


Who they are:

  • Need to define who they want to be and what they want.
  • Feel stuck and don’t have the tools to get beyond their problems/issues/fears.
  • See the REASON they are stuck as external circumstances, people, conditions.
  • Tend to blame outer world and have a limited sense of what they are capable of and who they (truly) are.
  • Often gains sense of identity from external world – jobs, titles, feedback from others, upbringing.


What they need:

  • To be heard, but also to be guided out of victimhood with basic tools to trigger the roar of awakening within them.

What they get: 1200 A YEAR AND 107 PR MONTH

  • Part of closed ME CALmunities monthly contact
  • Part of 30-minute monthly Q&A Call – to the Zoom Call for the team”
  • Part of ME CALmunity always open
  • Part of Signoff


  • Access to all Open ME CALmunities
  • Access to all ME Forums
  • Access to Templates (Basic)
  • Access to Coach/Mentor
  • Access to “Post Question” for C & M to Answers
  • Access to Online availability to answer questions
  1. Interaction with other ME members in their CALmunities
  2. Ability to join other Open Forums to enhance their knowledge on a variety of topics
  3. CAL Team postings in the ME CALmunities, including Actionable Templates (Basic)
  4. Access to Coach/Mentor
    • Weekly “Office Hours” – Coaches choose how they wish to interact during their shift: either a 30-minute Q&A Call or posting answers to member questions in the CALmunity Room.


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