Mindfulness Exercises: 12 Simple Exercise Steps to Follow

Mindfulness exercise and meditation

Learn about the simple mindfulness exercise and meditation. Enjoy your life and get the best out of it, use your life wisely and do not waste your time, pick your stones and use them.

If something does not feel right, use your meditation for mindfulness to make the good change, and do what it takes for you to keep your balance, one way is to use ME by telling your story and finding out what is within, if we over time have lost ourselves and our inner ability to know what is right for us.

Mindfulness meditation exercises

Mindfulness exercise – good work for improvement.

ME is a good place to tell your story for others to hear and give you feedback, what you saying.

We do not hear ourselves, we do not see ourselves the way others do and when we tell our story, we give others a change to hear, where we are and what we feel, and that does not necessary have to be equal. If others tell us what they hear, that is one way, but we can use the mindfulness exercises to achieve the awareness we are seeking.

There is so much learning for ourselves in storytelling. Most important is that good kind feedback from people, we do not know, can give us new energy, things to think about, new ways of moving forward and finding the outcome we are seeking.

12 simple exercise steps are simple, mindfulness exercise because it is a mindset to follow that can be done by all of us.

There are many ways and good books to read if you want more information and guidance. One of the better books to read is – Mindfulness and the 12 Steps: Living Recovery in the Present Moment Paperback – 2010 by Thérèse Jacobs-Stewart

What, we have in our minds, is what we do

We speak from where we are in our minds and we work from where we are in our minds. Did you ever think about, what goes wrong, when you cannot collaborate with a colleague, what different mindset you have and maybe, what different outcome you are seeking.

The reason why you cannot collaborate, is because you have different agendas. The different agenda can come to a point where you lose contact, you do not speak because you are just too different. Each of us have our agenda, our way and when the acceptance of differences, greates a gap that is to large, or and the tolerance is not there. If we want others to be or act accordingly to what we want our paths stops and going on will be difficult. That is when mindfulness exercises are good to use.

The simple mindfulness exercise

  1. Take good care of yourself, listen, see, hear and feel where you are, what that does to you, make yourself very aware of where you are, what impact that has on you.
  2. At all times keep focus on your own doing, when we focus on ourselves and how we do, we use our skills and knowledge for our own well and doing. This does not mean that we are selfish this means that we seek to be better persons, we seek our inner skills, and inner peace. Once we focus on ourselves, what we say, then we will have less or no focus on what others are doing.
  3. Think wisely of what you say, once it is said, it can be hard to take back, and once it is out there in words, that is our reality and what we stand for. Many neglect the words and the power of the words, but once we have said it, it is more real, and our words has power, our words are as we know not as powerful as our doings, it does not matter, what we say, if our behavior does not reflex our words. Whatever we do the reflexing of your behavior is stronger than words ever spoken, we can say, I love you, how many times, we want, if what we do reflex something else. The words spoken are door openers to a way or journey. When we say, I love you, we give the other person the opportunity to open up, and let the heart smile with us in a stronger way. We use words as a door opener or as a door closer. Our words are strong, and our words can guide us to higher levels of understanding, use your words, and use what you think for your understanding.
  4. At all times keep focus on your way, once you decide to say something, think about, what impact that will have and where, that will take you. Why do you have to say anything, what is your responsibility and why do you want to say anything, why not just listen. Where do you want to go, do you ever think about where the chain of words will take you?
  5. To act wisely, about what you say has an enormous power, try to stop yourself, so you get to listen, it is not your responsibility, where others go and how they do it. Keep your focus on the road, where you are walking, so you take the right steps and pick the right stones.
  6. Think wisely of what you do, and that is what is most important of all, what you do, how often do you think about what you do, the langue of your body and the way you hold your own body, when we know, that the language of our body is so much stronger than the spoken words. How come we do not pay much more attention to how we use our body in our work and with our family and friends. To keep our mind in peace requires that we have a common understanding between our mind and body. Our body reflects what is in our mind.
  7. At all times keep focus on your own behavior, if we cannot control our own behavior, how can we think that others can. Why can we think, that we can do something that others cannot do: to keep focus on one’s own doing is very important, because that is, what define us, and when we do, we know how difficult it is, at first but we also learn over time that controlling our own behavior, using our body has an enormous power and we will be and get stronger in our manners to achieve the outcome we want.
  8. Think wisely of your role, how aware are you of your role, when we combine our language and our body behavior, we create our role in life, and that defines us and determines if that is what will take us to our outcome. What is the role, that we have, do you play the same character or do you take upon different characters depending on who you are with? How aware are you of your role, how present are you in the role you have, if you want to use your role in mindfulness, one way can be to think of your role as a movie, what star are you and what would that star do. to get the ending you write. We do not need to change much, for the ending to change, what we need is the focus on how well we play ourselves, how we use the spot light we are in.
  9. At all times keep focus of the impact, your role has on you. Your way has impact on several sides and one is the impact, that you have on others, the other one is that it has impact on you mind inside, you must be inner aligned with your behavior, did you ever try to do something and then later on regret it, feel not only sorry but really sad and wondering why did I play my role this way, that is why to keep your mind in peace, think of what you want to do, and if you are in doubt stop yourself in order not to place yourself in an worse situation.
  10. Think wisely, what you eat, because that is how we keep body, mind and soul in shape and fit for life, when we eat healthy food, we keep our body, mind and soul strong and in balance, healthy food is a strong indicator for our strength in life and when we focus on how to keep our body in shape, we take our focus to who we are and what we do. Keeping the level to a natural level too much of everything will tip the balance and the level, finding out what is right for us of foods and wellbeing is a journey, it takes years for us to learn and understand what our body needs and how, we read a lot and so much is discovered and reviled every year, and scientist finds new and better things or discovers the impact of things we have been doing for years. To eat healthy and right for your body is always a good focus to stay strong.
  11. At all times keep focus on, what you do to your body, because if you do not have a good naturel body that is free to do anything, you will find yourself with limits in life, there will be things, that you cannot do, or there will be things, that is not possible for you to do, because your body is your freedom it is because your body can take you place that you are free to do what you like. Without your ability in your body, we have less and therefore it is so important that we have the right focus on what we eat. We do not see the result of the choices we make right away, but over time we will see a clear result of the focus we have had at our eating habits.
  12. Think wisely how much you excise, to work your body to keep it active, strong and alive, your body is your only tool for all your adventures and how well and how good we are at excising is the result of how our body looks, we can hide many things for many years but we can always see a well-trained body, we notice it right away, we see it. You can never tell anyone that you excise a lot if you are not doing so, we just know right away.

To have the focus on how our own body is, and only to measure with ourselves, it does not matter how we are compared to anyone but ourselves.

At all times keep focus on how much you excise, because in all that happens to us in life, the better shape we are in the better the situation is for us, and we have the strength to control everything inside out with our soul and mind, when we start focusing on ourselves and that we have to find the time, take the time and make it happen, that is where our focus should be, did you ever sit in a car with someone that laughs at an overweight person running at the side? – that is just it, that person is out there running doing it, where are you? and did you run today?

Think wisely of what you give away,

When we start focusing on the present on our soul, mind and body we find out that there are so many things that we do not even know about ourselves and once we start focusing on our own journey and outcome, we get an understanding of how difficult it is, this gives us more respect,  and appreciation for our results and the feedback that we get from other,

In ME, we have a change to tell our story to other life experienced people. In MY we get at change to talk about the skills and knowledge, that are good to have and maneuver in order to get the outcome we are seeking. In by invitation only we mix our life stories and our skills and knowledge in order to seek and find a better outcome or understand of what we need to do in order to achieve the outcome we are seeking.

 in whatever you do, you add your time, you cannot do anything, that does not take up your time, so what you choose to spend your time on, is what reflects and gives you your outcome,

It is so important to us, what we decide to use our most pressures thing “time “on. If you have spent time with, or at someone, or for a case, and you feel within, that this is not right for you.

Moving on a letting go is sometimes, what requires an enormous strength and will power, because we may feel that we failed.  We did not, it was just not right, something made it go that way, because if it was right, the feeling of being wrong and not right would never have come to us, We did not fail, either we grow or we learn,  or see something or parts of life that we would not have seen, what we have to learn is to respect that there are options for all of us, and what is difficult is to move on in the good manners.

At all times keep focus on how you spend your time,

and you may even have to write it down for a short period of time, so you really know, that you spend your time on, this to know for yourself if there is the balance between, what you tell yourself and what is really happening, this for you to see, if you have the focus, that you want, and this for you to know if you get the outcome you are seeking. Because what we focus on is what we see.

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