Find the right people to tell share and shape your life among, we all seek and we all fail and we all have great victories, we use coaching as a tool to help shape the life we want. Find the people among whom you can share your challenges.


What do you need? - What do you want?


Change It
It is Your chance to change it - do it


Show me the best part of life - you can

Remember it is your life

Because you care and build trust

Today start where you left Yesterday

Tomorrow starts where you left today

There are no easy way all it takes is all you got

You get what you focus at

First step

Is to know what you want and what you need. You must define your outcome, not your goals but the outcome you are seeking.

Because the outcome has the consequences involved, this is sometimes where we are not aligned or congruent with our outcome or goal think about below for a second: #Think about the following from the book – the 8th habit.( page 79):


Wealth without work ~ Pleasure without conscience ~ Knowledge without character ~Commerce without morality ~ Science without humanity ~  Workship without sacrifice ~Politics without principle

“A new philosophy a New Way of Life is not given for nothing. It has to be paid dearly for and only acquired with much patience and great effort” – by Fyodor Dostoevsky.#


We can even add a few more to the list:

Overweight without food

Strong body without excise


Alcoholic without alcohol – that is the simplest one and easy for us all to understand, the fact is that we as humans are complex and nothing is the same. Why am I not where I want to be, why do I think it needs to be different? There is something inside you that is so strong that and you have to reach out for it. Then you know, then you can make the difference to achieve your outcome. You are willing to do what it takes.


That is why it is very important to each one of us, that we know that we get what we focus on, there is a lesson here if we want to – if you do not want what you have, you need to change, you need to focus on something else, do it differently.


In all our doings in life, if we look at the feedback we get then the feedback will tell you if you are going in the right direction, where you want to be.


Coaching is a powerful tool “to learn how” to make it happen, this does not mean that if you know coaching “that it will happen”. Only “you” can make it happen, and it is all your doing that will make it happen.


It takes all your capabilities and look within to find the motivation and enthusiasm to make it happen. You will on the journey be challenged by the most powerful person you know “yourself” You will need to take care of all the inner changes that are being challenged, changed. The new outcome is new territory and the journey must be congruent for you. To stay congruent is to love and believe and trust yourself.


“You have chosen” an outcome that will make you an even better ~ YOU ~ and you have what it takes ~ if you can think differently you have what it takes to take you there


This is why we have the forum, the blog, and this is what we believe. You can do it and you can make a difference in your life. You already know it. You just have to do it.


In the different memberships, you work differently, within me-members seek, support, help each other in our lives to be who we want to and to work on our outcomes in life.


Within the MY-members we focus on the different coaching’s techniques we use or mentor skills. We help, support each other to be good coaches that help our clients get the best out of their lives.


Within by invitation only, we use them both, we use our lives, our skills, knowledge to whom we are and the coaches we are, how do I use my person best way, we look at best practice. We challenge each other to higher levels.

Latest from our blog


At CAL forum, we will always support each other,

we aim to make our days better days,

we help each other for better lives, better understanding knowing yourself and encourage you to trust in you. We aim for each one of us to succeed. Believing in yourself, trust and do it make your life the life you want, so when you look back, you did it

We stick to the guidelines we use life coaching as a tool from good to great.

Please notify CAL at if you read or hear anything on the pages that is not aligned with the law, good practice of coaching or the guidelines. All members must read terms of use before using the forum.


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