Life Coaching For You

It is the small decisions every day
that makes the big differrence

Life Coaching For You
It is not always easy to clearly identify why we feel stuck. It’s hard to see our own blind spots.
And that is what CAL offers…
A membership to guide you to your next level, so you can close the gap between knowledge and experience over time.
Gaining actionable insights through Q&A is invaluable along your journey…

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Personal Enlightenment

Empower, strengthen, and commit yourself to reaching your next level of potential.

ME membership is about members listening to members.  Listening is one of the most empowering gifts we can give one another.

Minimal coaching engagement; focus is on member-to-member interaction.




Build Your Dreams Through Enlightenment

(Private, Exclusive)

Receive the knowledge, tools, resources, and multiple levels of support to create the blueprint for your greatest life, and begin building it step-by-step. High level of engagement – both from coaches & members.




Enlightenment in Motion

Knowledge is potential, applied knowledge is power! If you are interested in applying your enlightenment to advance yourself and other members, MY membership is ideal.

Coaches engage at a basic (moderate?) level and members are highly engaged with one another.

I want to see the best part of life

I want to be my best friend