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Samantha Rogers

Is a CAL CERTIFIED confidence coach and essential oil advocate who helps women to get out of their own way, and families find chemical-free options for their life.



About Samantha Rogers

Before starting on a life coaching and essential oil advocate journey Samantha Rogers worked a 9-5 since she was 14years old.

Having navigated through her own demons, she has an appreciation for spreading joy, love, and light. From working on a major in psychology to cooking and housekeeping nothing was ever quite satisfying as a career.



And More

She always yearned to do more, and give back. So she started looking inward, stopped looking to others to fill her, and began listening more within.

Now she helps women get out of their own way.

Using her life experiences as well certifications, and mastery in life/ health coaching she coaches women in confidence and helps cultivate tools hidden within our beliefs.


Samantha Rogers Enjoys running with her 11-year-old dog, as well as exploring the local nature in her home of Northern AZ with her soon-to-be husband.
Samantha Rogers Is available for one-on-one coaching, essential oil lifestyle consultations, as well as life coach focus coaching.

Coaching can Change it All

-Take your life beyond what you believe possible today

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