Life Coach Judith A. Hersch

Living Your Dream is the Greatest Gift for ALL!

Once you have set your intentions on that which truly fulfills you, let me coach you on how to live from your heart and on your terms.

About Me

I help my clients tap into a greater awareness of who they are, so they can connect with their own personal power, and start living from a new level of energy, vitality, vibrant health and passion.  From this level of joy and connectedness, they discover and deliver their own unique gifts, talents and abilities, contributing to the greater good of all and generating a feeling of Yes, I love my life!

Now, you are ready to embark on a journey towards your best self.

Let Me Coach You

  • I use a style of coaching called Evocative Coaching, which is a way of asking questions and dialoguing to elicit insights and answers from the greater awareness within my clients.
  • I am not giving my clients anything they dont already haveI am just giving them the tools, methods, and guidance to access their own potential.  The answers sourced from within, will serve each client to the greatest extent and will unlock their ability to continue to tap into not only their own inner potential but also their ability to co-create their reality with a higher intelligence. 
  • Once they have this greater awareness, they have it for life!  They walk away with a life-long skillset for living their BEST life!