Life Coach Jon Christian

“Life Legacy Strategist to help you pursue your legacy, overcome fear and challenge limiting beliefs while connecting them to divine love"

let me coach you on how to achieve what you set out for

About Me

Jon is the founder and president of a company dedicated changing the way the game of life, education, and spirituality is played in the world by helping people impact and conquer their lives and awakening to their higher purpose and bigger future.

Now, you are ready to embark on a journey towards your best self.

Let Me Coach You

  • My life coaching Facilitating impactful training, retreats and learning events, while delivering coaching to individuals, companies, and universities, as well as leading teams of coaches.
  • My coaching style Design experiential learning and development programs which create meaningful change at all levels of an organization and expand employee, skills, productivity, performance, engagement, and communication skills
  • Experiential Retreats – Drive high-value employee connection
  •  Employee Wellness – Create a healthy workforce
  •  Leadership Development – Level up your leadership
  • Cultural Engagement – Engage employee potential and productivityMy coaching process is to Facilitated Adventure Challenges:
    Facilitated group adventure challenges include local and international experiences with extensive travel through Costa Rica, Latin America and nationally.
    High Conscious Human Performance Coaching for Evolved EnterprisesAt Zerkers we believe that Evolved Enterprises have the power to change the world, so we have dedicated our lives to providing high conscious human performance coaching and wellness programs designed to help game-changing organizations and their leaders engage human potential.

    Our programs support companies in the following areas:

    •       Sales Acceleration –  Exponentially grow your organization
  • In addition, we provide group adventure challenges in nature, where your teams will access creative spirit, community, laughter, learning, and experience high consciousness human connection while creating a unified goal and vision.Human Performance –  Increase individual and team performance