Life Coach Gérald L’Ouverture Noël

It has been a long journey. Although I could give you a full summary of my life

Find the people who will show you the best side of life and help you be who you are, being among the right people is what makes the difference for me, all coaches at CAL have a wonderful impact on me, and I hope you discover the same one good day + one good day

About Me

It has been a long journey. Although I could give you a full summary of my life from the age of 4 years old as I clearly remember the tiniest details of it. Instead, I keenly choose this particular set of my 13 years of age to entertain you with the salient moment, which had turned me to be a mentor to myself since I was 13. It happened with the injection of penicillin, at least 2 doses every day after a third-degree burn. Mom, I would often ask, “Why are you speaking that fast”? “Why sound you like a robot?”  “Why am I able to hear people’s voice 10 miles away”? or “Why can I see the ground moving at the speed of light?”.

I was a victim of schizophrenia from the age of 13 through 16. I dived into the astral world to study metaphysics in order to free myself from any episode for about 28 years. The product that I have become today stems from a whole series of events, which now gives you the opportunity to benefit from my tumultuous journey. I am the potential key to help my clients unlock and discover the power that lies within their brain.

I use a style of coaching called “Just Listen”. It is a form of Therapy which enables my clients to verbalize their stories while I delve into their lives with the intention of listening to the very minute detail. From this position of ‘Listening”, I can construct the solution that they so desire.

One might say that I am the Sigmund Freud of this generation—with the distinction that I acknowledge culture and science as the fundamental core of my observations.

Find the people who will support and guide you to achieve your dreams, find the people who bring out the best in you and make you smile

Let Me Coach You

I am a certified coach with the John Maxwell DNA team. I do keynote speaking, coaching, mentoring, and leadership training which aids with your personal and professional growth through many practical studies and applications based on various proven leadership methods. We also help new agents on how to build confidence in themselves—how to effectively create substantial networks with potential prospects.


In my workshop, I gather every single element as one to form a whole so that I may deliver an accurate package to my clients. Our team is composed with professionals from different walks of life. We develop educational curriculum. We provide ministerial counseling. Last but not least, we help our clients to reach their financial goals with accuracy. In addition, we do have a Personal Wardrobe Stylist to educate our clients on how to dress powerfully and effectively for their business or profession.

I along with the rest of my team are called:

Transformational Leaders/coaches.


We underline these few aspects:

Organizational culture is essential to the success of any company. Our firm helps to do the following:


  1. We help organizations to create and change the “Culture” of the workplace so that true transformational leadership can take place


  1. We help organizations to become experts in the art of “Strategic Planning.”


  1. We help develop an organizations’ mission and vision in ways that are concise, clear, and effective