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Life coach Divya Parekh 

Change challenge to success


Life coach Divya Parekh practice the Disciplines and Specialties Coaching via

  • Emotional Intelligence/Mindset/
  • Mindful Influence
  • Neuroscience principles
  • Evidence-Based Learning
  • High Performance and Team Building
  • Building a personal reputation and brand through Expert positioning
  • Personal Coaching for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business Owners (Premiere Rate)
  • Area Addressed–General
  • Executive/C Suite Coaching
  • Leadership and Influence
  • Remote and in house Team Building
  • Lean Leadership
  • Marketing, Branding, and Positioning
  • Success Planning and Talent Development
  • Emotional Intelligence/Neuro – Mindset – Transformational Leadership

Life Coach Divya Parekh.

Life Coach Divya Parekh is a dedicated life coach with a focus on her customer’s needs and desires. She masters the discipline of life coaching and is one of Coachingandlife’s dedicated coaches.

A part of Coachigandlife Divya Parekh engages and ensures members have access to her expertise and support. There is always room for improvement and it can always be better. But sometimes we need to face good enough.

Real-life with real problems needs attention and a coach knows what it takes to get solutions that work and improve right here right now.

Long-term changes need to step into a forum program. No one can change overnight and life coach Divya Parekh will support and guide you on your journey. The life coach forums are your long-term support with access to all coaches.

Changes ahead.

Life changes and we need to change with it. It is not the world but the people and that is the tough part. We must follow and adapt to a new life, even though we do not see it, the people change the world all the time.

Values stay the same but are understood differently.

Goals and dreams stay the same but are executed differently.

A life coach forum will give you the support you need to ensure your way, and give you clarity and visions to go after what you want in your life.

Leadership and Influence

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    Leadership and tools around leadership will become more important than ever, what is your biggest win in knowing the tools and influence leadership has?

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