About Chad Weller

Chad Weller is a former professional athlete, vegan of 23 years, and a Certified High Performance Life Coach based out of Denver, Colorado. Chad is an expert in digging deep finding balance in mental health, nutrition, exercise, meditation and living his best life.  

Back in 2009 Chad was lucky enough to get a second chance at life after he survived a near death car accident and has been in recovery since then from drugs and alcohol. He is very transparent when it comes to his past and his mistakes. This allows Chad to pave a path to use his life experience and expertise to coach many people into living a life they love with passion and purpose.   

Change the Plan Never the Goal

As a former professional, ultra marathon runner, finishing a 100 mile race in one day and traveling the world racing for over 7 years.

Chad learned first hand how to work through obstacles, pain, suffering, perseverance, and training his mind to go beyond his limits. He uses his methodologies to open doors for his clients. Chad wants to give everyone the ability to simplify life, to dream big and conquer those dreams through strategic planning and creating healthy habits. Chad also uses accountability around mindfulness to become the best version of yourself and truly awaken your passion.  Chad’s proven coaching methods offer his clients pivotal breakthrough moments in life overcoming obstacles and mental blocks, leaving them feeling empowered and energized to get to the next level in their lives.

What better time than the present to start living the life you want and deserve.