How Can We Help?

CAL validates coaches and members and the difference is how:

  1. You must commitment to yourself
  2. You must define your progress and change
  3. You focuc on the areas of life you want to work with
  4. Much time you want to spend

We work together and we are people helping each other to do the best we can.


ME-Member, are for minor problems in your life, example your boss does not understand you, solution talks to your team and then the solution will Apia.

Practical Information

  • Entry into CALmunity
  • Safety – a safe place to ask
  • Privacy – we do not sell data
  • Validated coaches signed up to CAL terms
  • Validated members sign into CAl terms

Here is what you get – A safe place to ask, not one

coach but many private and personally.


MY-Member Program is for the following people; Bridge the gaps between what you want and what you can, that is what MY-Member is all about, an example I have 60 people under me and I only have the 20 with me – how can I get the last 40 with me.

Practical Information

  • Entry into CALmunity
  • Vibility, promotion, interviews, video
  • Coach Network wherre we talk
  • Safety
  • Validated Network
  • Validated Clients

Here is what you get, your coach network to improve your coach performance.


By-Invitation-Only is about your deepest feelings and desires in life, the example you feel that you are a failure as a father, everything I say and do is wrong in the eyes of my son and I can’t fix it. Thank god for CAL

Practical Information

  • By-Invitation-Only is for Private people
  • High-performance
  • Exclusive
  • Private

Here is what you get, help to overcome your obstacles in a close circle in private with another member who like you want to improve their lives but are not quite sure how – we help you get it straight and forward

The difference is, what you do

Knowlegde makes a difference. CAL is a place to exchange skills, challenges or issues of life, for you, for you as a coach, for you who wants to change things, challenge your life

This about being your best, doing your best and getting where you want to be…

Why would you need this, you properly don’t, you never know, when starting this page, we had an idea, and this page has taken form, we know today, that it is not all you can use your Family and Friends for, sometimes somethings happens, that you would not know WHO to tell, this is the place, good manner, good attitude and right thinking, this is what we use our skills for.

How to get the best out of life,  meet each other where we are, use coaching in all aspects of life.

We use the skill we know, we test with colleagues or other members, we improve our way, we use the network in that each other.

We grow and help each other over boarders and we do it,

We make things happen,

We exchange knowlegde and wisedom, 24/7 when we have time, we have dialogs, we question, we grow, we know we are on a journey, we are travellers in Lifes wisdom, we engage, we commit, we do it in proper manner.We make a difference. We aim to keep the skills high,

we make a difference by helping each other. Join us to take part 

Join and you are vocal all issues of life is in here.. and it is what we make of it.

You are not alone

All memberships

The right to tell your story, inspire others, your challenge, knowledge or technique For everything here, we are open minded with respect for each other

Always start with
My challenge is:
Good feed back for me would be:

Using CAL is one tool, CAL is about being wiser getting smarter, it is about seeking the right technique, support, advise or help at the right times, seeking to find, discover and be aware, if we express and seek to understand we are on the journey. CAL is about all of us

Member as - By invitation only

You are a coach or mentor

You want to exchange, develop and grow as a coach. WE – You exchange the use of different techniques, WE – you give each other advice. You can tell your story, it one step further as a coach or mentor and use yourself.

You want to discover and express your knowledge, use your skills, challenge each other in ways. You want to make a difference, in by invitation only we expect from each other to be challenged, seeking new ways.

You are not alone; being in doubt is the journey for making it better. We support, discover listen, We make a difference for each other.


It is about you.

Let’s talk about me for a minute, how often do you take the time to understand yourself.

You join to tell your story, seek to discover and improve your life. Here you get feedback, comments and exchange different ways, encouragement, support and ways you would never dream of, you are not alone and we learn so much from hearing each others story.

You must be a member to see hear, read  and listen, this is not an open forum for everyone, you have made a choise, and chose.

We follow the guidelines, we follow good practice, and before you join, it is important that you read the terms of use and bylaw.


You are a coach or mentor

This is about your Work how you can improve your skills, use of techniques.

It is about improving your knowledge as a coach or as a mentor. In this forum we talk about different techniques to use, different skills to be needed or and progress what to do when, WHO and where do you get a change to talk about your work as a coach or mentor, it can be difficult to talk through which technique to use, the challenge each tools or technique has, or to achieve the results and goals.

IN CAL we challenge each , we support, we help, and inspire one another to get the results we are seeking in our Work. We follow the bylaw and we make a difference – we look forward, we follow the guidelines and good practice in coaching.

IT TAKES STRENGH and COURAGEOUS to be, WHO you are in a World, that constantly wants to CHANGE you

Be brave, be strong, be WHO you are