It’s not a question if it will happen. It’s a question of how you handle it.

We all face the question try harder og let it go.

It’s a question of how you handle it, and what will you choose to do, it is the most difficult decision to make and today we made it so easy we let it go.

People leave their job, family and friends.

People are on average 3,5 years in a company, how long have you been in your job today?

Families are together for an average of 5 years, how long have you been in your family?

Name your friends and for how long you have known them?

Time changes and It’s a question of how you handle it!

Why do you change job family and friend and what is changing since we no longer are able to hold on to each other.

Good or bad a life long job, family and friend offer you growth, training, learning, care, and share.

What we face now are change and new, how do you handle it. We have placed ourselves in the core of the fast lane. I am in love, and I have a new job, I am on the move.

Moving on and seeing new things, family members, kids and maybe even places.

Let’s face it, it is doll to be in the same place a life time.

We can do anything at any time and if the people around do not like it, and we do not stop doing what we do. We change people.

It is to know the power of change in jobs, family and friends, and how to move on and find a new job family and friend.

Life in the fast lane

Adventures and we have even made it into zero mistakes and a perfect world. We are the champions and there is nothing that can stop us.

Or is there…

What really matter in life. We have black lives matter and people are in the street. Rising the answer black lives matter and they do.

How have we manage to take our lives to the point where the answer is it matters. Is the question what matters? or is it who matters? or we can even ask if why does it matter.

It’s not a question if it will happen. It’s a question of how you handle it.

Because wake up life is not about how smart cheap cheat fake and in the fast lane. Life is about building reliability and sustainability because you want to make a difference in life.

To make a difference it must matter

If you believe your company and what they stand for, you will work for it and give it all you got and this alone can take a life time.

Believing your love and your family kids and is staying on the journey and doing what it takes to make everyone feel good and do better.

Caring for your friends and knowing they can count on you is one of the most beautiful things you can be. Have you forgotten what it is like to be a good friend, who supports and helps out?

I remember and the result made me let go

What you do, how do you handle it and the answer you get will determine whether or not you decide to try harder or let go.

It’s a question about prioritize, it’s about the feeling you get and what effort you see them do.

I use to have a boss who did absolutely nothing a few PowerPoint slides here and there and all decisions were made by someone else, it was only about flying under the radar.

The company was speeding 250.000 miles into a wall and ever day was about doing faster. Mistakes were detoured.

Stress, doubt and fear was in the game every day.

Best advice let it go. Why is that the best advice? because if you cannot change it! It is going to draw you.

Rise and leave

You can only progress if people are reasonable and willing to train and learn. Doing the same and you get the same. Change and you are on new ground and will need teams to support each other.

Try harder is the hardest, who wants that – not me

Back to where we started – the circle of what we achieve in life is proportional with our effort.

Family – if you want a family you must fight for it.

Health – if you want a good health you must work for it.

Mind – if you want a solid mindset you must teach it

Business – if you want to have good business you must have good people.

It all comes down to how you do it.

How you do it matters

Call us a fool. We took the easy cheap cheat way and choose to see what was done rather than how it was done.

Coming back to nature, how things are done matters, who you are among matters, how we treat each other matters,

It’s all in the how

Some of the largest companies in the world are meassured on the intention, on what they do, rather than how they do it.

Relationships are build on what they are more than how they are.

Time to make a turn around

Stay in your job because you love how they do it – it all about how you handle it.

Build your family and friends because you love how you are together

Teach your mindset to become what you admire and it will be all about how you handle it

Build the business you believe.

Turning it all around will rise to new levels and we will see performance of excellence.

The choice you must choose – how you handle it

Will always be between try harder or let go.

To build something that will last requires excellence in all skills and there can be no cheap, cheat or fake initiatives.

What you choose matters and will change the world

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