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    • Karen says:

      It happened to me and you have to know this is not about you. It’s the capability of the company –
      Lack of leadership – lack of ability for performance – it’s not your weakness it weak company leadership
      be grateful you are out

  1. CAL Coachingandlife for RPL says:

    How to get the answers you are seeking is not always for a FREE forum – Your life is private and it is not all who can handle information. Be smart and protect yourself

  2. CAL Coachingandlife for RPL says:

    Looking for topics? what is important to you – what would like a blog about?

    reach out and send us what you need to know more about ?

  3. CAL Coachingandlife for RPL says:

    What you see and What I see may be the same thing but from different sides

    – I see bullying, I see hunting, I see lack of management, I see gang methods, I see unfairness, I see things I use to admire gong?

    What do you see ?

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