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    Please tell me a little about how HYPNOSIS can help Stress, as a stress coach I see the need for changed mind-set. How can Hypnosis help out?


    That is a great question.

    Most people associate Hypnosis with Smoking Cessation or Fears/Phobias, but Stress Management is one of the more popular subjects that folks see a hypnotherapist to deal with.

    Imagine that your mind is like a magnet. Remember being a child and pushing a magnet through the sandbox. All the little iron filings stuck to the magnet until the magnet was furry and covered. Stress is a lot like those filings in many cases. As we live our lives the stress just clings to our subconscious mind until, before you know it, you are clogged up with all kinds of needless ‘filings.” While seemingly minor, this excess builds up until the stress make our minds “Furry.”

    Hypnosis is a way to clean the magnet. Accessing the subconscious we can eradicate the superficial baggage/stress and replace that with our strengths, our focus or any number of positive mindsets.

    When it comes to larger focused stress issues, hypnosis can allow the user to step back, refocus and put the issues into perspective. This allows individuals to attack problems in a healthy way. Folks can become problem solvers again, rather than victims of the circumstances.

    Then for stressors such as deaths, loss, and other overwhelming concerns, hypno0sis is a safe and healthy way to mourn or hurt. Being able to be in a safe space to express oneself during the natural healing process is cathartic and helps individuals cope with their problems appropriately.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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