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    Here you are and welcome to your laizy life coach forum.



    Hi Bryan
    The Video is good insight and learning and help

    It is strange times and it seems as the rise of something new
    what do you think?





    Hello Bryan,
    What great insight and – new mindset to get – from listening to your videos I gain insight and facts – I understand so much better and the learning is amazing.
    I take care of me – from doing what is right for me and if it is not right – use the most powerful word – silence. Silence is amazing it can stop anything anywhere anytime. People who use silence stop all progress and drive out doubt and fear. No engagement no involvement – just silence and you cannot say anything – they never did anything – it’s all in your own mind – it is amazing how we manage to steer ourselves into failure – when being around silent people.

    So great insight

    This is some of the


    Another Lazy Life Lesson from your Lazy Life Coach, Bryan C Dunn, MA, CHt, CAHA.

    Want to know some ways to feel happier and reduce stress? Be more flexible in your thinking and approach in life. Take into account other possibilities than the ones cemented in your mind. You will find that when you are able to view the world and problems from different vantage points you are able to cut yourself and others more slack and lightening your load.

    How do you imagine that being more flexible and creative has helped you live a happier life?

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    Lazy Life Lesson

    Bring the Receipts. When making a claim or assertion be sure to have your resources. Preferably have more than one from reputable sources.

    There are a lot of dumb people sharing wisdom from memes. 1 meme for many may as well have been provided on Mt. Sinai, but most intelligent people will be more with it and critical of information. Be sure to offer where your information came from.

    While some people can say, “Many people say…” and get away with it, I can almost guarantee that you won’t. Lol.

    Plus, it makes you look good. Not only are you a person with a knowledge base, but you are a person who knows where to find reliable source material.

    And the best part? It isnt difficult. If you recall my other Lazy Life Lesson, STFU, then you know not to speak on topics authoritatively which you are unfamiliar.

    I am lucky to have smart and informed friends and clients.

    If you’ve had an experience where you have had to provide the receipts or better, a time you were caught without them, share.

    Until we meet again, Be well.


    Recently I ran across an article by Marcel Schwantes of Leadership Hub called “3 Toxic Phrases You Should Never Hear Come Out of a Leader’s Mouth.”

    The article addressed in detail why these phrases are toxic.

    It is a simple read and completely valid.

    When a leader refuses to listen to the people around him it shows an arrogance and detachment. When supoort staff feel undervalued they are less invested in the success of the business or organization.. When staff is heard and appreciate, frequently they will go the extra mile. They take pride in their work and company.

    When we look at successful leaders historically, they frequently say that the buck stops with them. They accept that they are responsible for everything that takes place under their leadership. If a person is unwilling to accept responsibility s/he is not a leader. A true leader owns it, so that s/he is able to make the changes necessary to pull the team together, encourage the team and be successful. Plus, how can you respect or follow a person who is happy to throw you under the bus for a mistake.

    If that leader’s only response is to fire and replace said team member, they are not using their resources wisely…especially if they do that a lot.

    And lastly, for a leader to express denial, especially when there are obvious problems, shows a lack of honesty and integrity. If they are willing to lie about what is obvious. Then what else are they willing to lie about?

    While these phrases and the attitude behind them may seem obvious, there are many that will ignore them for some reason or another. And if you are a leader who uses these phrases, remember that others see you and in the lyrics in Hamilton, History has its eyes in you.

    If you would like to learn more strategies to improve your business acumen or just get some support attaining your goals personally and professionally, be sure to contact me or head over to

    Be well,



    Lazy Life Lesson


    We humans are funny creatures. We make a decision and then stick to it.. even when ot os detrimental to us. We get in our heads that we are weak or dumb if we change our minds or approaches.

    Ironically, we are dumb of we don’t.

    As intelligent critters, we have the ability to assess a situation and then alter it to serve us. Military leaders do this all the time. Coaches do this all the time. However, when it comes to our personal interactions, choices, actions, we just can’t seem to get it through our thick skulls.

    I cannot tell you all how often I hear, “That’s just who I am.” Even when it is costing them a marriage, career or money.

    I give you permission to change your mind. At any point in the game. You decide that a deal is not healthy for you or your business…change. You decide you don’t want to actually buy that time share or jet ski? Change.

    Sure, someone is going to be irritated or upset. but as I have shared before, no deal is better than a bad deal.

    If you want some help building confidence or determining whether a change is in order, reach out.

    Head over to and see what we offer

    Be well,



    Hello Brian – what great insight and support – this is thinking and well explained it can be tough at times to see where one fails – Have a great day 🙂 thanks


    Todays Lazy Life Lesson is Get Out of the Way.

    I am a student of a variety of both Eastern and Western martial arts. While there are plenty of differences in practice and application, all of the approaches I study have the same basic number 1 philosophy…Get out of the way.

    Now, that makes perfect sense of a rapier is being thrust towards your midsection or a flying fist of fury and flying furiously at your head, but Ibhave found that this rule applies to many more aspects of our lives.

    For example, you get home from errands and your spouse is grousing angrily about something, take heed. That is an opportune time to get out of the way. Not necessarily leave, but certainly avoiding engaging in any sort of confrontation or involved conversation, no matter how minor it may seem. Get out of the way. I have made that mistake often enough in my lifetime. Reminding my wife to close the cupboard door will still be as applicable in jalf an hour that it is at thos moment and I will have a longer lifespan.

    You walk into your classroom and the teacher is giving what-for to another student. That may not be the time to give your teacher grief. Let the student suffering from DAS catch the fury.

    Your boss comes storming out of his/her office cursing up a storm. Hold off on discussing anything that may cause consternation. That is an ample time to make copies…unless they are raging about the copier.

    So often I…I mean, we walk right into the middle of a hurricane and have our asses handed to us, when if we had held back for a few minutes and given the other parties an opportunity to settle down, we would get what we want and also avoid being hollered at.

    This should fall under the category of “Duh,” but we don’t always choose wisely.

    Whether you phrase it as “Get out of the way” or “Don’t be there” or whatever semblance of philosophy you express, it is all the same.

    If you stick your arm into the lions’ enclosure at feeding time and your arm gets eaten.. that is on you. lol.

    So, the Lazy Life Lesson is just get out of the way…unless you are running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

    When you are ready to learn some more approaches to enhancing your personal or professional life, reach out.





    Lazy Life Lesson

    The language we use defines us; It defines us not only to ourselves, but to others as well.

    I have addressed the words we use when we talk to and about ourselves before, however, the passive words we use engaging in business, projects, social interactions, etc. also define us.

    Today I want to share what omitting 1 word may do to help you feel more assertive and get the results you want. That word is “Just.”

    Let’s be honest. How often do we make a request at work only to have it brushed aside or put at the bottom of the pile? Too often in some cases. We send emails for updates on projects, and in the pursuit of appearing polite and unobtrusive we say, “Just checking in,” or “I just need a minute of your time.” While it may seem odd, that word “just” triggers something subconsciously that allows the recipient to postpone or ignore your request.

    My suggestion is to toss the word “just.” Say what you need or want.
    “I am checking in for progress on the project.”
    “I need a minute of your time.”
    “I want to run this by you.”

    These will alert the subconscious mind as to the desired result.

    Furthermore, we may even tighten up our requests by adding specific time frames or using what is called a “double bind.”

    “I need a minute of your time. Do you want to meet before this afternoon’s meeting or after?

    This gives the recipient a clear cut understanding of what you want–to meet, and the ownership in the process in that they are making the decision to meet at their chosen time

    In the end, you get what you want, in your timeframe and you weren’t rude or aggressive. Just assertive. The best part is, the work gets done and all parties win.

    Give that a shot. Tell me your experience.

    Leave a comment. Share this video. Give your input. I love to hear from everyone.

    Head over to for more options of how to improve your game, personally and professionally.

    Be well.

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