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Berit Ladefoged
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Berit Ladefoged is a professional Life Coach with the angle of Procurement. How to speed, change, improve and optimize tasks impacts your life. How to be the one who brings on innovation and How is imfluenzes the organisation.

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Shelia Heard
Shelia Heard
727 300 8443

Shelia Heard is a strong woman - after 20 years in the military You have an opportunity to gain insight and experience from one who knows what it takes


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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 20 2020
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm



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Apr 20 2020


6:00 pm - 6:45 pm



How to cope in stressful times. Get insight and tools

How to cope in stressful times.

Working with an understanding of

– the challenge or the problem as a kind of gamemaster. Because the gamemaster has “ coaching skills and insight” it enables to effectively manage and coordinate conversations towards jointly defined outcomes and goals while creating spaces for development or improvements through inspiring questions and hypotheses that offer new angles.

Virtual engagement + Forums

The calls + the Forums to ensure that you get the outcome you need:

Let’s build awareness and understanding of the signs:

  1. How does stress feel ( give your insight ) + experience
  2. Do you feel the symptoms + your experience
  3. Knowing when to let go + will give you insight + experience
  4. Knowing yourself  + Working with yourself and + Mr.Stress
  5. What different + Mr. stress types are there + Gain tools
  6. Step out and up to + Mr.Stress and + take control +
  7. Live with Mr. stress and + move on
  8. How to manage Mr. Stress

Mindful and thankful

We touch base with many of the different techniques there is on the market and we care and share in the forum. What works and what does not work.

Not everything works for you.

It finding the tools and strategies that work for you?

Test them?

Evaluate them and work out your strategy.

Results after 8 weeks Insight and tools to cope.

Get training and tools to your ongoing performance in stressful times.

Improve your work relations and cope with what life brings to you because you know how to gain the right tools.

It’s how we invest in ourselves and the people around us.

We cross and work:

+ How to work with being stuck

+ Future Leadershipskills

+ Know how to join us as company

+ Design your way

8 weeks Become stress free program +Affirmation tool

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