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December 17, 2020

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12:00 pm

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PST 9 AM – EST 12.00 PM – CET 6 PM

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Entrepreneur questions answered

Calling ALL Entrepreneurs to share your questions. About being an Entrepreneur, how you handle it, and what is your good advice to other Entrepreneurs.

Starting your own business; and start believing you can make it. Comes from a journey of ups and downs success and failures.

It is a string of many attempts to make it. Being an entrepreneur is much more than working on your dream and desires, as an entrepreneur,

You must have several roles. The business cannot pay for each role in the beginning, and you make decisions, that impact the business going forward.

We will talk about:

>> How to Build a Thriving Business in Crisis?

>> What is a good time to start as entrepreneur?

>>Why are you an entrepreneur?

>> When to become an entrepreneur? how do you know?

Questions answered

Starting your own business and believing your dream. It is a huge step and along comes many questions and tasks to solve.

Believing yourself and your dream. Can be frightening and must carry you all the way. Friends and family may not even support you.

Thinking about starting your own business is a creative phase. That is all about who you are and what you are.

Take a leapfrog and dive into what can make a difference for you.

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