Engage – commit – do it.

Engage – commit – do it.

engagement steps towards commitment


Why do some have success and others not, what is the difference between the two? What determines for it to be a success,  I am, sure that there is more than one reason.

One major reason is the difference between making it happen and just talking about. Listen Success belongs to those who never give up or Success belongs to those who really try.

How do we decide to try, what forces is it that makes us engage – make it happen.

How do we engage – take a step towards really doing it and committing ourselves to making our dream come true? It is like we have a passion for a while, we dream and we dream some more and then comes the hard work where we are the once to make the difference, make it happen.

Why this page, why this network, because I believe that we need it, I need somewhere to turn, when I have normal daily issues of life, not a long coach hour, just a place to share what happened that I could not solve myself or I need someone to share with that is not in room,

This I believe, this is so right in all of me and therefore I needed to create this because I think that there are more like me, that wants and needs to share what is happening, and this brings me back to the part – about engaging, I have been thinking about this for so long ever since I started coaching 15 years ago. I felt a place for all to participate, to be involved, make a difference. That is my goal, and with this, I hope you reach your goals, do not exit do it, even if it is hard do not give up find the power within yourself, knowing you can do it if you have doubt seek to understand where that is coming from. Trust yourself. Make it happen. Seek to advise, coaching and help here in the network for you to make it happen.

Most of us dream, we make them happen. I have seen there are many pages out there, so why would thins one be a success I can tell you why, because I am never going to give up, I will seek and do whatever it takes and I will look out for, that there is a place in life where you can seek help, coaching or advise. Whatever is needed for you to feel better and have a great day.

A German colleague of mine once said to me, my parents come from the working class, and therefore it is challenging for me to learn the behavior or the code of conduct in business. It is why the pages have comments fields for you to engage, for you to share and be a part. Your voice you are vocal. Use it right and with the right manner, think about how we learn and grow, we do not learn anything from people that are angry here we see hate, we do not learn from people who speak bad or causes we do not hear what they are saying. If I am to understand and read what someone likes to tell me, I need to be calm and at peace so if we want people to engage have a dialog with us, we all need to think about, how we communicate and remember you can not get any message through without being invited.

CAL is not the place to tell off and get the anger out if you are frustrated to tell you the story and tell that you are frustrated. I get frustrated when a client comes to me, and wants to seek the coaching seeking the tools to make a difference in that person’s life, and every time I try to engage the person in the persons personal involvement, the person starts starting about what everyone else is doing, what they will get tired of, how severe it will be for them.  You can invite the other person can request, and you can never force remember we are all maters and have the lead roll in our lives. So when I get frustrated that is about me, about me wanting something else, and this I have to let go, I have to wait for that person to be ready and I at this point do not know what awareness, knowledge and believes how each level of each value needs to be in place all I can offer is tools and techniques to see if the person engage. Want to do and make the difference in his /her life.

Most of the times this change takes place when the awareness gets high. Then they want to do what it takes and they want to practice, want to do a little every day.

To engage and really do it, is tough and there can be many doubts on the way, doubt does not have to mean that it is wrong, it is only a sign that there is something you need to learn or be aware of once you start paying attention to the what comes to you mind, you really start engaging with yourself, pay attention to your thoughts, pay attention to what you are thinking and how it affects your mind, once you see and notice the things that are in your mind, the talks you have with yourself, then you start to engage, none of us engage if we are angry, sad or depressed.  We engage when we have a vision, a dream, a wish, and want to make it happen, the outcome and the goal need to be so attractive that no matter how challenged you are, I want to keep on going because I want to achieve it. I see myself, I know myself, I trust myself, I have the perfect picture in my mind. That is where I am going.

I have the perfect picture in my mind, hearing those words makes it clear for all of us, that there is only one who knows how the picture looks and can make it happen according to the picture.  I am the designer in my life and only I know what is right for me.

Knowing this when we use coaching we know that there several techniques to be used to achieve the outcome and we know that we need to have reported and had a trust relations ship, we need to be invited to be able to get to the point where we engage.

I need to see my life; I need to understand what the gab is from where I stand today to where I want to be, and I need to do it, I need to engage and take the initiative and find the key for this to happen.

I am the one who wants this, and I am the one who in my mind has a different picture than the one of today.

Then it is my responsibility to make the changes, do it, trust that what I have inside is right congruent with my soul and body. Which takes me to I need to believe it, sometimes my with is too big, the step is too unrealistic, then I need to break it up and make the pyramid bricks instead of a finished pyramid. I need to start with what is doable for me.

It is rare or seldom that we see, money, idea, and opportunity coming together often we have 2 out of 3 either we have the money and the opportunity and no idea what to do with it, or we have the idea and the opportunity and no money, this one we all face. To engage we seek the knowledge and the awareness what can I do today, what can I do right now, and every second I have I will work on it, I engage I do I make it happen.

That is why dreams do come true, because once we engage, we occupy our mind, we get the attention set for our outcome, and we know that whatever we think, we know we will get it,  we start living our dreams, we become part of it and all of a sudden our dream is our life.

We need to engage in interacting, we can never achieve our outcome or goal if we do not interact with ourselves and the world around us, it is how we do it that makes all the difference.

We know what it takes we to know how not to engage, how to do nothing, we talk a little about it, we hear I have always wanted at the car like that, I have always wanted to travel, I wish that I could do it, I have always hoped for. When we use our story, we use words to describe our situation and the sentences above do you see what is wrong.

My first thought was or is, why do you not just do it, like Nike says, just do it, what is holding you back. What, why or why not. It is not worth anything unless you do it unless you implement what you see and how you want it.  We need to engage, and we need to do it. We need to do the right thing and make it happen to make the difference so that the picture we see in our minds is the one we are living.

If we do not have the clear picture in our minds we need to seek ways to get in thoughts with our soul, it is not many years ago that we did not even think about what was going on in our soul, and for many this is still a journey to understand that we have body, soul, and mind.



by CAL Coachingandlife for RPL