Down the Road Show Podcast: Nerds with Soul featuring Bryan C Dunn

Multitudes of individuals suffer from anxieties, traumas, sadness, fears, and more. These emotional issues affect everything from interpersonal relationships to career success. Imagine if you could eradicate these concerns in an easy and relaxing way…would you do it?

Bryan and KC talk about the new and exciting approach to trauma therapy. Havening is a fairly new approach to healing trauma and anxious feelings as well as many other concerns.

Bryan, our certified Hypnotherapist is also a certified Havening practitioner and has been getting success for individuals who have suffered horrible events in their past, that have left them scarred for life…well, until recently that is.

When a traumatic event that will affect a lifetime occurs, the brain actually changes physically. This physical change occurs to the cells of the Amygdala. These are the emotion creating centers of the brain. Essentially, the electro-shemicals transferred in the process carry a molecule that holds the cells open for life. And while talk therapy may help and pharmaceuticals may help, they do not solve the problem.

Havening solves the problem. It does this by releasing other electrochemicals in the brain that allows the cells to close and function as they had prior to the traumatic experience.

It is an exciting new approach. Deceptively simple and fast.

There are a variety of approaches to Havening and due to its nature of creating new neural connections, is used daily with affirmations. The process has been used in schools in New York and the bullying has subsided and the reading levels have improved immensely in relatively short amounts of time.

To learn more about Havening and how it may help you with your anxious and traumatic feelings, contact:

Bryan C Dunn, MA, CHt, CAHA through CAL, Or head over to to find out more about Bryan and his services to help you take back your life.

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