How to Define Thankfulness

define thankfulness

Let’s define thankfulness: Our own level and understanding of our doings in life is the short definition of being thankful. Be yourself, be who you are.

How we define thankfulness, and show our own appreciation, that is what is means to be thankful, and only a heart can understand, what it means to be thankful. Only a heart with the experience knows.

What is it all about,

If we are not to be thankful for, what we do and achieve. Then what is it all worth? Thankfulness is our own level and understanding of our doings in life. Thankfulness definition is not about anyone else, it is solely and only about, how we feel about, what we have done and achieved in our lives. You define in words what thankfulness means to you. This is one area of life, that our divergent way comes to light. To define thankfulness another way, is your way of saying, that you know what it is worth. Take a moment and think about your life, be grateful and thankful.

What we do

All our doings and our rewards, and our way of feeling thankfulness is too for all the difference, that we have achieved. Each day we have, we get a chance to make a difference in the direction, that we want our lives to go and take, and our way of really understanding and be grateful for our accomplishments is our thankfulness.

To define thankfulness

When we have to define thankfulness it’s about our own understanding of what we have done and achieved, thankfulness is not about anyone else, it is about our own mind-set how we go about what we achieve in life.

To be grateful and thankful, is a mind-set, a way of making our inner inside out smile, our own way of understanding what we really have.

We always, have so much to be thankful for, some would say, I have nothing to be thankful for, whereas others with the same are very thankful.

What does thankfulness work with?

Another way to define thankfulness is to understand and work with our values. One of them is good enough, what is good enough and what level is good enough for you. This we can never ague about because for some it is good enough that we clean the floor once a week, for others the floor needs to be cleaned every day or even for some more than once a day.

Another value is how much, how much money do you need, for one person a thousand is a lot of money and for another a thousand is nothing at all.

Thankfulness definition

The definition of thankfulness is our way of understanding what we see, hear and feel. Our own way of measuring our way in life. It is one of the only things that we have in our lives that solely belongs to ourselves no one can ever interact with your thankfulness.

That is why this a so powerful tool to start working because when we express our thankfulness we do for all the right reasons in our lives, we know, we acknowledge, it gives us peace of mind, of the one reason we are thankful.

Try to think about, what you are thankful for and then notice how you feel, what is does to you.Then try to think about, what you do not want, and feel, how do you feel. That is the reason why practicing thankfulness is a very powerful tool to use every day. Because no one can never beat someone who is truly thankful.

Thankfulness is a choice

When we define thankfulness we know, when we are with someone, who is truly thankful, we feel the integrity.It is joy, a peace that cannot be described.

Knowing how to work thankfulness is a true way of having peace know that what I do is the right thing for me, I know and I am grateful for what I do. Thankfulness makes the difference because it removes anger and pain. To do, because you are thankful, to achieve and be thankful, this is a mind-set.

The gratitude you show, the appreciation you let others know you have, gives everyone around you a good feeling, that we have all done something good for the right. When someone helps you, when you are in trouble, and you take the time to thank them in a good way, you show them your apprecation and gratitude. That too is thankfulness and a good way to define it. If you need their help again they will for sure help you.

When someone helps you, when you are in trouble and you express your thankfulness, you give them even more than your appreciation and gratitude, you show them, that you are thankful, this is a deep feeling within that, when other shows us their thankfulness, we know, we feel the difference.

What does it give ME

To work with oneself, to use thankfulness, as a tool to know, when I have done something very good for me,

I know because, I feel within the strength and the clearness that it gives me. It is something just for you, your integrity and your understanding of what makes your happy, thankfulness gives happiness, it is very difficult to be very thankful and not feeling well.

It is not about, what we have it is the feeling, we have about, what we have, we can always change we can always have something different, but it is the feeling, we have about, what we have right now, all we have right now this moment.

It is not about standing still and not wanting to go on. It is to know that each day matters, each hour, and each second and that each thing you do makes a difference. It is about all that you do, you are thankful for, and you know, what your doing means to you and to others. A level of awareness that takes you even higher. It is understanding, how to make the best out of what you have, and know that you have and are doing your best. It is a mindset a way of living.

Showing your gratefulness through thankfulness

To be with someone, who shows thankfulness for, what you are doing together, gives space and room for so much more, it gives space for trust, for everyone around you to relax and be who they are. Thankfulness is a way of having your space, because others will not attack or criticize, it is very difficult to say anything to a person, that you see is very thankful, grateful for what they have or what they say. It is a way of being, a way of knowing and a way of staying in balance with yourself.

Thankfulness comes to you when you start doing, what is right for you, when you look through your eyes, when you hear through your own ears, when you feel your own feelings. When the integrity goes all the way through, then you know and the world see’s it.

What, you are all about.

The script” be yourself, be who you are”.

It is important, it is very difficult to have, that feeling if you are listening too much to what is around you, or that most of the things that you do, you do because either you are told by someone else, or you are doing it because you feel you must out of love for someone or something else. You do it of some reason, not because of what you have within. Thankfulness is about understanding oneself for what is important to ME.

How to make the difference

I know what I do, I know what I like and what is important in my life and once I start working for those things, those things are too what will come into my life. That is the whole difference.

To know what is important

What is important to you, may not be important to ME, what is important and valued a lot by someone you love very much, may still not be what is important to you.

When we love someone, we do things out of love and that is such a wonderful thing to do. To do because I love you.

We can do this sometimes, but we cannot do this too much or all the time.

We need to do thing that keeps our mind in balance and our own understanding of our achievements in life.

To do right is not doing what is right for others, it is to do what we know is right for ourselves.

It is to make the right turns and use the strength and trust we have for ourselves.

Thankfulness definition is our own understanding, only you can say I am thankful, I feel and deep thankfulness.

That is the definition and the terms we work.

This cannot be achieved by standing by, it is to be achieved by feeling and knowing who you are and where you are going in this life. It is the journey when you are seeking to find the right job, you may have tried different things in life, and you know when you are in the right place, when you are among others where you feel and know that you belong.

When it come to you, you will be thankful

It is when you fall in love, and things are not hard, when you love each other on the same levels for the same achievements in life. It is when what you do gives you balance and harmony to continue. You get more energy out of doing and you have an ability to want to do more.

It is when others are among you and feel, that they too are in it for the right reasons, not because they are forced to or because they are paid. They help and do out of gratitude, due to your thankfulness, it is taking each of you in the right direction. Think about going to work, and then think about what you would need if you were to feel thankfulness.

I know, I have the best boss I can imagine, he wants results and I have the freedom to create those results. To be given the hard tasks is tuff, to be given the freedom to create the results makes the journey and the work that needs to be done fun, because there is a match for me, I am so thankful for all the freedom, that I have to create the results.

I can do many of the things that I like, I can plan, I can build and model the tasks so that it matches the task and demands. I have the role to play that I like, so even though that it is very hard work, I still enjoy it very much, because what I do in the parts that is mine is right for me, it is what I am. That is why I am so thankful for my boss, he knows how to make me work even harder, and even better.

Would he start controlling me, and telling me to use this plan or do that this way. Then that would not be doing things so it is right for me. This is not about having my way, it is about understand my own motivation to how I perform best.

My boss gets the best results that I can create, and he gets much more hours and time thinking on work, than he would if I was only doing what I was told. My way is not your way, and that is the difference and the reason why we often hear that – we must treat everyone differently for them to be treated the same.

It is our inner balance, our inner wishes and our inner desire that takes us forward. If we are not in balance at work, we do things for wrong reasons, if our wishes are not meet we will start feeling that what we are saying is not right, and if our desire is not in coming live in a good level for us, we will be out of balance.

When we feel like outsiders, we will find something else to do, or we will start talking behind someone’s back or we may even find friends that too feel left out and with them we align with a front towards what we think caused it.

This is when we do not stop and listen to ourselves, we do wrong for ourselves too long.

We need to know within, what is the right thing for us to, and one of the signals that we get is that when we do something, we will feel proud of ourselves and we will be thankful for what we have done or achieved.

It is our own way, it is a deeper understanding of our own accomplishments, you know and you feel it.

To start to define thankfulness is a great start to find out what is important in your life, a way of letting go of the things that you do not want in your life. You do not have to be angry, scream or talk down to others, all you have to do is start focusing on the things that gives you the feeling of feeling thankfulness, once you start feeling thankfulness, you want to do more of those things that gives just that feeling.

Because with you will be in balance and in harmony, you will know that what you are doing is right for you, and you will not need the approval, the understanding, the acceptance or anything else from anyone but yourself.

You may do exactly the same as you do today or you may choice to do something else or change, but what you do you will know, and you will remember.

The difference may not be what you do, the difference may not be with who, the difference is what you feel, and you will know this feeling and your will remember.

You know that what you are doing is making you feel thankful, the integrity is giving you a strength a way a clearness in your life. That makes what you do look simple. It is not is practice and a mindset an deep inner understanding of oneself.

That is, why to know, is different from to know. Use thankfulness and change your way.

by CAL Coachingandlife for RPL