10 ways to improve or work your communication


What outcome do you want from your communication,

what would like to achieve, what would like that would be different from today, how would like to feel with the communication you are having, what do you need in order to get the communication that you see as giving, eye opening, equal and a communication that you would be proud of.

10 ways to improve or work your communication

Where in your communication will things stop today?


do … Read the rest


Change is a gift – you must open the parcel. It is for you.

Change is a gift – you must open the parcel. It is for you.


You see and feel so much of yourself, when you go through a period of change, sometimes you take upon yourself the change because you realize and understand that where you are and where you want to be is not equal, you see the gap and you react on the gap, sometimes is a love leaves us, or we are fired we are given a … Read the rest


Discipline or even better self-discipline. How to Keep Stress Away

When things go you way you ride a wave.

When things do not you learn your strenght and ability.

Mindfulness and stress are opponents – think about the disipline that takes you in either direction.

Why is discipline so needed, and when we use to control what do we gain. When we think about it, we all need a way out, a way in, a change, we need to find a way to do it. When thinking back and thinking … Read the rest

News, Stress

The Power of Stress and Stress gives You Power.

The power of stress and stress gives power.

Think about: you can know anything, but do not know everything, that’s the power of stress. You can do anything, just not everything.

You may think you know, what you are solving, yet you do not know the consequences it brings along for yourself how it affects your own soul and spirit. Who you become, what it brings to you over time, that at the end will define who you are.

How … Read the rest


Values in life

The meaning of giving life meaning?


My challenge is to understand: Are my values giving me the outcome I want?


What really matters when we thing about? how do we learn to master for ourselves what makes meaning?

What knowledge do we need to be aware of, to have the outcome and meaning that is important to us as humans.

Let’s challenge each other, what values are the most important to give our lives the outcome and meaning … Read the rest