A Simple Way To Achieve Success ____ Nobody Follows

A Simple Way To Achieve Success Nobody Follows

By – Alvin Chua –

Success can be achieved. We see people achieve their goals in their careers, relationships and other areas of life we dream of being successful on. But, most of us are wondering why other people are successful yet here you are, still unable to overcome the biggest challenges of your lives. You might be surprised that one of the key tips to achieve success and happiness out there … Read the rest


The Power The Story You Tell

The power belongs to the storyteller.

If there is no story – NO ONE – will know. The power of whatever happens is in the story you tell and how you decide to support the story.

There can be:

  • No one is famous unless you look at them with admiration and let them lead
  • Heroes unless you look at them and say – wow they have super powers.
  • Fear unless you think it
  • Hope unless you create it
  • Dreams unless
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5 Ways to Navigate _ Trust in an Unstable World

Trust in an Unstable World

“Trust is the Foundation of every healthy Relationship.” Dave Willis

By – Nazeelah Noorjahan  ©2007-2018

Trust is a vital element missing in our society.  I remember when the ‘Michael Brown’ tragic occurred in Ferguson Missouri, I was in my third year of college pursuing a master degree in human service with my concentration in psychology.  My Social Sciences class was given the assignment to write a paper on modern society and the causes of separation … Read the rest


Mindsets are an important part of your personality but you can change them. (Psychologist, Carol Dweck”)

Mindsets are an important part of your personality but you can change them. (Psychologist, Carol Dweck”)


Most of women’s lack of self-awareness (attentiveness) stems from society’s idea of what a male/female relationship should look and feel like.  The problem is society’s view (especially in the West/America), is full of religious connotations.  It is usually Christian views that dictate relationships authority while not taking into consideration personal feelings of individuals nor  their values and beliefs.  These attributes should be what … Read the rest


Use Kindness in your life, to make a difference

This week in CAL we practice and work with kindness.

Think about kindness for a second. Think about the smile, the kind word, the helping hand, the willingness to listen, the offer to help.

Kindness comes in many forms, and what they all have in common is the feeling they leave, the impression you have inside when you think about it, once it is all over.

Kindness is one of the most powerful tools, as it is almost impossible to … Read the rest


Call my name I am me, Transforming MY to ME.

My skills that I use to create me, is who I am. I can choose to invite you to share what I think and what I know, that will take us – to by-invitation-only. The forum where you/I shape you/my life from the story and the knowledge you/I process. We do the best we can, from what we know, and if we do not know, we are outsmarted. Life knowledge, life stories can help and guide us.

In all we Read the rest


10 Reasons to write how you feel and get feedback

10 Reasons to write your topics in life and get feedback

Why scrutinize? When we write things down, we take the time to get the topic, the issue our challenge in life out of our heads, sometimes when we sit by ourselves and think, we say the same things to ourselves over and over again. We take our mind into a spin, where we do not solve anything.

That is why CAL is right, here you get to write your … Read the rest

News, Stress

The Power of Stress and Stress gives You Power.

The power of stress and stress gives power.

Think about: you can know anything, but do not know everything, that’s the power of stress. You can do anything, just not everything.

You may think you know, what you are solving, yet you do not know the consequences it brings along for yourself how it affects your own soul and spirit. Who you become, what it brings to you over time, that at the end will define who you are.

How … Read the rest