Are you feeling Stuck in Life – Do you want to move on?

Are you feeling stuck in life?

Tips and Tools to free you from the past and move forward in life

  By Maggie Berberian 

 Here are tips:

“When we feel stuck, going nowhere—even starting to slip backward—we may actually

be backing up to get a running start.”-Dan Millman

Here is what:

Have you noticed that you keep going in circles and nothing seems to be going in your favor? Whose life has been feeling stagnant and you’ve lost the drive to … Read the rest


Why We Must Know and Why METOO has Power


In a moment of reflection, the kick back of what is happening not only for me but for all of us, we have taken steps on the scale to know what is right and what is wrong and hold the truth not only knowing we know better, but we have to pursue and chase it.

Who are you


What is happening when you judge a person you do not even know. Today I read about motherhood, how we … Read the rest


It Is Your Attitude And Your Intention.

Ask yourself where you went wrong, what did you over/underestimate. What went wrong? You had an intention when you set off.

What was the intension and what went wrong? This blog is about attitude and intentions why we do not get the results we aim for, why intentions and attitude go strongly hand in hand.

Let take one step back and look at the mindset you use to create your results. If you want a good outcome, this is the … Read the rest


Ask Questions To Guide You To Move On

What phases do you go through, what do you need to work yourselves through to be able to move on, to get the life back you once had, where you saw joy and happiness in your doing?

How do you get it back to that point and are you thinking: is there something wrong with me?

Being bullied and being the one blamed takes a long time to get over if this ever happens.


This is a part of Read the rest

Family, Health

The heart in the right place – is what gives you success

The heart in the right place

Do you have your heart in the right place? Do you what you stand for? Do you what values are in your heart? Do you the compromises you make? Do you who you are?  This blog gives inputs and indications to you about, what it means to have the heart in the right place today. What is the wake-up call you need to have to find out, who you really are and if you … Read the rest

Children, Family

Article about family

Family and life.


The most important thing we have is our families, they are the once, who can tell our story, the life we live. our job and our friends join us a period when we are at the same levels in life.

Our family follows us through life. The see happy times and the see sad times and they stand there they know how we manage to take ourselves through life.

The values that are important to us, … Read the rest