Call my name I am me, Transforming MY to ME.

My skills that I use to create me, is who I am. I can choose to invite you to share what I think and what I know, that will take us – to by-invitation-only. The forum where you/I shape you/my life from the story and the knowledge you/I process. We do the best we can, from what we know, and if we do not know, we are outsmarted. Life knowledge, life stories can help and guide us.

In all we do, we use our life skills to create the feeling and understanding, and from our understanding, we talk, we feel, and we experience.

Every day your transform your my to your me, MY your knowledge, skills and learning and to whatever extent you take your life knowledge that will support, encourage your feelings inside and make it your way and understanding.

It is what is very pressures as this is what makes you unique, no one has your story to tell, no one has experienced quite the same as you, that is what makes you-you, anyone who would try and copy you would never get exactly your story or the feelings you have inside. Us humans and this is the part where we are challenged the most in this lifetime.

You can see it all, without even being there, what makes the difference is the feeling you have when you look at it or when you do it.

It is not the recipe online, it is the recipe from your mother, they meal she made, it is no longer just seeing and knowing, it is the feeling and the knowledge that comes along, the story you tell, the wisdom that you have.

You for what you are, me for what I am.

With your name comes a unique story and a string of accomplishments, a string of knowledge which all adds up to the story you tell.


There can only be one

The accomplishments and the life knowledge used to take you to the result you can with pride look in the mirror and say, yes I did it. That belongs to you and can never be shared with anyone.

What is the challenge:

It is only a challenge if you do not understand it. When you decide to solve your topic, challenges or issues in life the same way, you get the same result, if you decide you like to change your outcome and the result you are getting.

Then a different mind-set must be achieved. That alone can be challenging as, how do you think differently.

What do to when you want to think differently:

The first step is to get different input. Different input does not come from being among the same people listening to the same music and lyrics, new thinking and mindset come from discovering that there are different ways of doing things, different means of achieving results. If you think about it, we know that in sports, we know that a good coach can take a team from good to great.

Why would you not use the opportunity and take your own life from good to great from being among people, who like you are seeking the best outcome in life.

The best outcome in life is not to be rich or famous it is to find the inner peace of balance and mindfulness that gives you peace of mind. When you are in balance you know, you feel the difference right away. Within the forum, we are for each other; we seek to support guide and help each other to discover what each of us already knows.

You can never explore or be part of something that you do not have within. It all comes from within, and if you do not have it, you do not hook on to it. You know when something needs particular attention or act. It is not something that others force you or on you. You have it within, and all you need is the right question.

Think about what the right question is for you:

We call it, a wake-up call because it is those words that bring to life meaning for your understanding and the wish to change it. That a wake-up call, something that you already process is brought to life, and you can start working with it differently.

When do you hear a wake-up call?

When you are ready, there can never be a wrong time for a wake-up call because you make it happen. The same words can be said to you many times before, and you have never even given them notice. That day from a clear sky you hear it. You know, from nowhere those words give meaning and makes all the difference in the world for you, thinking back do you recall when it happened to you.

Why do those wake-up calls come to us:

Because you are ready, you are ready to move on and take your life forward, this is not the same as leaving your loved one, because you want to be in love one more time, things for pleasure is not the learning phase that is the phase that comes when you have balance and peace of mind.

A wake-up call is a  challenge that you have been struggling with over a period thinking about in different ways, jet never took the initiative to fulfill. Or a road taken for way too long that you within knew was not right. That is a wake-up call. It is not the search for the pleasure it is the search for your own improving you. The real competition in life is that on the outside, it is within, how you teach yourself to use the potential you process, at the end of the day, that is what will create the environment that you will be in.

Think about it, when you are angry, what is really going on, are you not angry at yourself because you do not process the capacity to solve the task and the challenges, is what you are saying – not- please leave me alone I am not ready to take upon me the challenge to solve the issue or topic, or you do not process the life skills to handle it. You get angry, so people leave you alone. Who lose out? You do, every other person can take the topic to someone else and have the issue solved, but think about it, they choose you.

Why did they want you to see that they need guidance support and help

What more do you offer in your person that opens up for people to come to you for guidance support and help?

When you children seek support and guidance from you. They do because you are the only one they have, later in life you will discover how your children feel about the guidance the got, as this will determine – do the ask you for guidance and support.

What is that you want help with:

It is not that that you cannot solve the challenge it is that you seek higher inner life knowledge to solve it even better when you ask, you do because you believe that someone has a key – link- guidance to achieve an even better outcome, than had you just done it yourself.

How do you support that first belive:

Someone looks at you and believe that you can offer support and guidance, why would your first choice be to cut them off, get angry or let them down. Why would you not decide to pick up that line, and take upon you the challenge and give them your input.

How to support and guide can be done in many ways, one of the great places to share is in the ME forums when life stories are shared. ME is all about how our life stories make us feel. The impact that it has on our lives and the decision we make from those impacts. It is what we do all the time; we react from the situation we see, you right now have a feeling within, a feeling of …….

I hope the feeling is a feeling of search combined with understanding. It is my intention with the forums to give a space a forum, where each of us can share the story we live. Each of us may try some of the same challenges and still the impact that it has on each of us is different, some may handle the challenges just they way we want to handle them, it is where you and I get a change to meetup with people who have tried and experienced similar situations and where we share to know and take ourselves to an even higher life knowledge.

ME is where we listen

MY is where we share

BY-INVITATION-ONLY  is where we shape the life we live.

It is what you do every day, all the time you combine >ME><MY><BY-INVIATION-ONLY<

You only do what you want to, not matter what you tell yourself, you are the solely decision maker in your life, and the people around you, the once you seek input from having a direct impact on what choice you see and decide to follow.

Be among people who bring out the best in you.

Be among people who can guide you to be your best.

Be among people who listen to you

Be among people who know you

Be among people for whom it matters

Be among people where you make the difference

Your inner mindfulness and balance are determined by how well you understand yourself and your own needs and life journey. Among who and how you decide to do it is all up to you. CAL is an opportunity a place to:


Seek support where life stories are told– ME

Seek guidance where life knowledge is shared – MY

Seek the road where life is shaped – BY-INVITATION-ONLY


Think about how good you feel when someone understands what you are saying, how that makes you feel and tell even more, how that makes your bloom. That is what life is all about finding out what you need to do and where you need to be to bloom.

The speed of how we live today gives us so many more challenges than ever faced by any generation, we must decide all the time, and the decisions we make are no longer in the string with what our parents did or what our friends do, we achieve so much more. We share life knowledge in all angles and twist and turn all we see and know.


Is always there, can it be better?

You know, do you want it to be better, the only thing that stops you, is you your satisfaction will determine how far, how long you will keep seeking to improve and do better.

If you do nothing, nothing will happen, and maybe you are satisfied where you are, you know, this is what you like, and not being satisfied is too, to be satisfied because if it were not, you would change it.

If you have come this far reading, think about how you want to use yourself, where you are –  and what you want to do. If you seek to be among people that listen to each other join in on ME and if you are seeking more life knowledge join MY. If you like to shape and form your life in a new direction and are seeking to be among other people who like you are finding their way, not really knowing what they want, but have the feeling inside that something must change ~Then join in the BY-INVITATION-ONLY and start being the hand that was not there when you need it. Be the friend, the helping hand and in the same way as you would have liked it. Think about what kind of support, what kind of help and guidance you would have liked was out there, when you needed it. Know that we are all in CAL to change good to great, we are here because we think that together we can make a good difference. Let the kindness you have inside out, Let the dreams you have inside grow and be a beautiful you that we can all admire. Think about a garden with lot of flowers, each one of them is unique and the all matter, it makes a difference what you do.



by CAL Coachingandlife for RPL

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