Black lives matter How Coaching is our strongest tool going forward

Make it matter We need to gain insight and understanding.

Black lives matter means going to a store, applying for a job, driving your car, living your life like anyone else under the same set of rules.

And it matters how people feel and how we treat each other. It’s the world we make and the room we create.

But having said that it all depends:

If we want a world with room for hope and dreams for spirit and souls.

Or the world we want is sterio types and machine performance?

Let’s face it social media is trash we push so much on the social media and we do not know what is right and wrong, true or false, fake or true.

There is so much on social media who cares ..

We need to gain our integrity back of who we are and what matters. Black lives matter and what ever we you me try to tell ourselves is only imagination. Life matters and if you believe that then make it matter.

What you believe you protect and talk yourself into a story why that is right.

This is why coaching is the strongest tool we process as humans because it is our ability to create a forum where there is a role for every one of us.

It’s closing your eyes, loving your family, having a job, building your life. Feeling safe in the country where you live.

What do Black lives matter have to do with coaching?

Actually it has a lot to do with coaching. Because coaching is about clarity and understanding. It’s about how we make it as humans.

It’s the fence you build in your mind as a human being! It is who you are what you become.

Do you believe that any of us want to do bad in life?

No! no one wakes up and says: Today I am going to do something terrible! I am going to add myself in a situation I cannot get out of.


We get up and we try our best, and we work hard to achieve and feel good, and we follow the guidance, the support, the people we are among and we listen to the leaders, the manager, the wife/husband and we get a mindset.

The mindset is what leads us to our performance.

No matter who we are where we are. We act from what we believe and black lives matter. Let me ask you just one questions, who would you be if black lives did not matter? What would you do? and what would that make you?

It is time to talk about the mind that creates our belief. The people you are among and you listen to will create what you belief, what you will stand for and what you will protect.

Be careful and think use your critical thinking to make up your mind.

You may ask again what does this have to do with coaching?

Coaching is the strongest tool we humans process to gain insight, understanding learning and performance.

What is wrong with the sentence?

Why has it come to this point?

How will we continue?

Black lives matter

We should not have to even say it. We should be humans seeking good sustainable solutions in life not only for ourselves but for everyone around us.

It’s not the black that are weak – it’s you me and the system that is weak, it’s the lack of confidence in what we, you and me do, if we, you and me need a system where we can not handle the competition.

Let’s take same situation to companies.

Why does a manager fire employees if they do not perform and he does because he does not have the capability to lead the employee to the results he desires.

He does not process the creativity to form, shape and share his vision.

This view has many angles, maybe he can show it to an other person with a different human set of values?

Sometimes we all face the question let go or try harder.

Building life where life matters is why we are humans. If we compare ourselves with animals, we can speak, change, adapt while growing and building lives?

We are excellent.

We so much as humans and we must be lucky that we are not the same, and embrace that we are different.

Too much of the same is fatal. if we follow that road people who are the same compete they want the same spot and among the group it will start with fear, worries, stress, anxiety, break-down and execute.

That is the journey. It is very simple it is the mind of winning the game, where there can be only one.

Where do we see it?

We see this in all games we play where it is one against one.

Why do you believe football, soccer, basketball, handball, baseball – that game rules are different roles in the field. No one, does the same?

Facts are that humans who work together achieve more and do better and even more important. Humans who work together feel good and when you feel good you do good.

Maybe this will save us

Think about the road we were heading?

We were on a journey faster, smarter cheaper easier

To achieve this humans lied, cheated, threaten, bullied …..

Sustainable and slow

This is two things few today can handle. Slow it is going to take time, who can tell that to their boss or manager even to your family.

People don’t care and now we begin to come to the core, what this is really about.

It’s about how we are as humans. What we are willing to do to get the power.

It is wonderful to see where the real power is and black lives matter.

Humans alone are weak, but when we come together we are the voice and together we must form, shape, and share the world we want to live in.

It is time for all of us to rise and look in the mirror, it’s human laws and who are and what we are building.

Who do you want to be? this is no time just to follow and like. It’s time to look at who you are even more. How you do it.

If you are going to fire someone today! They will move on! they will make it but ask yourself who are you?

Are you going to use the sentence Black Lives Matter! If they do not who are you and do you believe other people except you? where are you welcome?

It’s out there and it is a fact

We said it!

Now is the time to think what are we going to do about it. How will we ensure a sustainable world for humans?

We are opening the door to many years neglect and abuse of power from weak leaders. That is a fact.

Problem is how can we change it?

Challenges are who dare to rise and start working on this. Humans are blind we know what you feed our minds with and that is what we believe and it is hard to find facts and truths.

Sustainable will rise and stay

All empires stand to fall. They have so far unless they have been build on sustainable solutions. Black lives matter is the door opener to a new rise.

What will we change?

No, I am going to reframe this, what will you change, and how will you start working for sustainable solutions in your life.

We cannot change the world, but we can change with one human at a time and at the end this will change the world.

Facts are that what Black lives matter offers to the world is much better than the alternatives and we can hold many opinions and options to many different solutions and still fact is if we come together and play as a team with different roles we will do much better and feel so much better.

The fact is that the humans in the world where we stand right now have never seen more stress, fear, hate, cheap, cheat, fake and scammers as we do today.

Maybe this will save us and make every one of us look into to mirror and start solving problems and working together.

It is time to rise and believe, see the light and bring hope and dreams and it is time for us as humans to stand together and believe in each other.

With slow progress for sustainable results we get life back and with that said, we will never experience a day as slow as today, we are lucky because we can adapt and change overnight and we hold so many resources in technology to support good solutions.

Be safe and care shape and share the life you will be proud to live in world where it matters.

Because we are humans who can work together.

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