A Simple Way To Achieve Success ____ Nobody Follows

A Simple Way To Achieve Success Nobody Follows

By – Alvin Chua –

Success can be achieved. We see people achieve their goals in their careers, relationships and other areas of life we dream of being successful on. But, most of us are wondering why other people are successful yet here you are, still unable to overcome the biggest challenges of your lives. You might be surprised that one of the key tips to achieve success and happiness out there … Read the rest


The Power The Story You Tell

The power belongs to the storyteller.

If there is no story – NO ONE – will know. The power of whatever happens is in the story you tell and how you decide to support the story.

There can be:

  • No one is famous unless you look at them with admiration and let them lead
  • Heroes unless you look at them and say – wow they have super powers.
  • Fear unless you think it
  • Hope unless you create it
  • Dreams unless
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See the 7 Signs that people seek to misunderstand you.

Think about it – can you recall really wanting to explain yourself and are trying to tell someone your story, but whatever you do or however you explain yourself, you feel all the way that they do not want to understand you.

How do you deal with people who want to misunderstand you?

How do you let it go?

Here come 7 signs to see how people seek to misunderstand you.

  1. What you ask

If you want to understand something, … Read the rest


10 Reasons to write your topics in life and get feed back

Why scrutinize? When you write things down, you get it out of your head and it is not spinning, you take the time to get the topic, the issue your challenge in life out of your head, sometimes when you sit by yourselves and think, you say the same things to yourself over and over again.

You take your mind into a spin, where you do not solve anything.

That is why CAL is good, here you get to write … Read the rest


5 Ways to Navigate _ Trust in an Unstable World

Trust in an Unstable World

“Trust is the Foundation of every healthy Relationship.” Dave Willis

By – Nazeelah Noorjahan  ©2007-2018

Trust is a vital element missing in our society.  I remember when the ‘Michael Brown’ tragic occurred in Ferguson Missouri, I was in my third year of college pursuing a master degree in human service with my concentration in psychology.  My Social Sciences class was given the assignment to write a paper on modern society and the causes of separation … Read the rest


Understand Company KPI’s

Life coaching and KPI’s


Nothing is more important than understanding the KPI’s of the company you work for.

Do you understand your company’s KPI’s

Do you know how to work them KPI’s

Do you know what you boss say’s and is that equal to what he means?

If you need support to understand your company’s KPI’s Join our KPI program .

It’s all the same and we do the same, if you find a way to succeed at work, … Read the rest


7 Reasons, why writing down will support and empower you even more

Black and white – you see on paper, there is no escape or exit, you cannot escape – there is no where to run – the power of writing it down is to keep yourself accountable to your goals and outcome.7 Reasons, why writing down will support you on a day to day basis always

Or even – you can’t run – aren’t no place that far. It is important what you do and how you do it.


WhyRead the rest


1 Thing you must know Where does it really start, it is the change


Did you ever stop for a second and think about, when was it that the difference really happened, when was the turn done for what happened?

What is the choice to make the turn for success? This

What is the choice to make the turn for failure?

When we look out there, we see that there are always people that seems to make the right decision, how do they do it?

We also see, that there are people, who … Read the rest

Buddhism mindfulness to avoid depression

Use Buddhism In Mindfulness To Avoid Depression

Mindfulness buddhism is an extremely effective way to ensure a better health as well as to avoid depression. To use buddhism you need to understand your mind and what you feel.

We can live our lives in many ways and we are lucky in the this life time, because we can do what we want, we are in a lifetime, where there is awareness of the need for knowledge and our information level is at new stages. Not forced – … Read the rest

thankfulness meaning

What is Thankfulness and What Does it Mean to Me?

Thankfulness meaning: What is it to be thankful and what does it mean to me, that I ask myself questions and I answer the questions, I know the difference, because:

Thankfulness meaning

Thankfulness meaning: That I ask, and the answers, that I get, I like, it is answers, that takes me further in the direction, that I want to go. I feel thankful, because of the way it was done. I do not need to agree, but I feel thankful … Read the rest