Are you feeling Stuck in Life – Do you want to move on?

Are you feeling stuck in life?

Tips and Tools to free you from the past and move forward in life

  By Maggie Berberian 

 Here are tips:

“When we feel stuck, going nowhere—even starting to slip backward—we may actually

be backing up to get a running start.”-Dan Millman

Here is what:

Have you noticed that you keep going in circles and nothing seems to be going in your favor? Whose life has been feeling stagnant and you’ve lost the drive to … Read the rest


Success Belongs to Those Who Try Hard? – Here Is Why CAL Works

 Here is why CAL works:


Here are the 4 cores of why CAL works and why CAL can guide you forward to be and create the dreams of your life.

For everyone – It does not matter where you come from, it matters where you are going and what you want to become.

This is about you – it is for you, it’s the person in the mirror.

You always do the best you can from the intention you Read the rest


Why Being A Great Leader Matters And What To Do

1. How we support you to be a good leader is a network where leaders can ask and learn from other leaders we talk and learn from each other. Good leader care, good leaders works hard to on why, what, and how

How to be a great leader should be something that every professional who takes upon him or herself the role as leader should be working and very interested in.

Very few people are by nature great … Read the rest


Do you know the Stages of Grief? And How To Move On

By Maggie Berberian

When we endure a painful loss just know that it’s not your fault. We have to live with the what ifs and regrets. Our grief is not meant to be analyzed, it’s meant to be felt. These stages of grief listed below are not linear. Each individual is different when it comes to how they go through grief.


Stages of Grief:


Denial: When a person has a difficult time coming to terms with the outcome … Read the rest


Watch CAL coaches here

What makes a successful business even better?

Facts– Businesses with happy, healthy employees are more productive and therefore are more successful. The question is, how do you make that happen for your business?

There are common factors that contribute to employee satisfaction and retention. Some examples of companies with the most satisfied workforce are Facebook, 3M and DuPont. What do these top-rated employers have in common? They care about the work-life balance of their employees and do something about it. … Read the rest


How To Manage Your Emotions

How To Manage Your Emotions

By Lesa Ferguson


I have always believed that separating spirituality from the rest of our lives is like shooting ourselves in the foot. Your spiritual life should be reflected in the way you run your business, the way you treat those with whom you work, and the way you treat your competitors. Honor, honesty, and integrity are essential ingredients in spiritual and material abundance.


Financial success and spirituality directly support each other when … Read the rest


The Importance of Loving Yourself

The Importance of Loving Yourself

By: Maggie Berberian


We’ve all heard the saying, “In order to have others love and respect you, you need to love yourself first.”  You may ask yourself, what do you mean I have to love myself? I do love myself. Challenge yourself to look at this cliche quote a bit differently.


You have to learn to love yourself

Before you allow yourself

To feel loved by others.


Our thoughts and beliefs can … Read the rest


A Simple Way To Achieve Success ____ Nobody Follows

A Simple Way To Achieve Success Nobody Follows

By – Alvin Chua –

Success can be achieved. We see people achieve their goals in their careers, relationships and other areas of life we dream of being successful on. But, most of us are wondering why other people are successful yet here you are, still unable to overcome the biggest challenges of your lives. You might be surprised that one of the key tips to achieve success and happiness out there … Read the rest


The Power The Story You Tell

The power belongs to the storyteller.

If there is no story – NO ONE – will know. The power of whatever happens is in the story you tell and how you decide to support the story.

There can be:

  • No one is famous unless you look at them with admiration and let them lead
  • Heroes unless you look at them and say – wow they have super powers.
  • Fear unless you think it
  • Hope unless you create it
  • Dreams unless
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See the 7 Signs that people seek to misunderstand you.

Think about it – can you recall really wanting to explain yourself and are trying to tell someone your story, but whatever you do or however you explain yourself, you feel all the way that they do not want to understand you.

How do you deal with people who want to misunderstand you?

How do you let it go?

Here come 7 signs to see how people seek to misunderstand you.

  1. What you ask

If you want to understand something, … Read the rest