A Secret Weapon to Communicating! Active Listening!

Do you ever feel like the person to whom you are talking are on different wavelengths? Are you constantly upsetting your significant other yet don’t know why?  Do clients or business associates seem to not provide what you are needing when you are needing it?

You need active listening. Active listening is an easy approach to communication that will clear any confusion and make lives easier. Sure, it requires a little practice, but once you have mastered it then you … Read the rest


Motivational Monday!

Yeah, normally we are all Gung-Ho for larger than life goals for our Motivation Mondays, but frankly, do something mundane. Do dishes. Do laundry. Sweep the porch. We so frequently ignore the banal activities in lieu of going after our goals and dreams. Consider this, if we cannot take care of the basics, how are we supposed to take care of the big things.

Get motivated to show appreciation.

A great way to build ourselves is to build others. Tell … Read the rest