Our vision is to be able to create a place, space where, a room for each one of us to grow, we aim to have the courage to wish for each one of to grow, to stay healthy, be happy, have balance, we aim to go from good to great, make a difference in what we do.

a wish

We wish your use of this forum will give give you the strengh, courage, make the difference,  we hope you will be active, we hope you will get, what you come for.

It is only

what you make of it, and what you decide to do with it,  We reach out, we need you and each other, at the end of the day, what really matters is, that we have a good Family and are amoung friends, that will help and take care of us. Coachingandlife CAL hopes you will make this site a good place to be and be involved, that you will invite other to have the same joy.

Life is the mark, we make in the sand, we are here for a  period of time and we wish, hope and aim to make the best out of it, we want it to be great not just good.

CAL’s vision

is to make everyone grow, by having the change to reach out for some WHO has the skills to make a difference, you matter, make your life what you want it to be and be true to yourself.

Make the marks in the sand,

have the shape and form for as long as you want. Remember it never last and rember it is, what you make it.


Use your memebership, use each other, make it happen.

Know where you stand,Know where you are, Walk your talk.

What shall I do – walk the talk

CAL coachingandlife for RPL