Life coaching programs

Do not be outsmarted, be smart and know, what to do

Coaching and Life – A safe place to ask is your rejuvenation Pit-stop online that helps empower, strengthen and propel you forward to live the life of your dreams.

At Coaching and Life (CAL) we give you a team of coaches that are there when you need them, so you can flow in your best life every day.

Do you want to be more dynamic and efficient at work? Would you like a more exciting love life? Are you trying to tackle the daily challenges of parenting? Or do you just need peace of mind?

Whatever your desired goals are, CAL has the team for you.

With Coaching and life, you will receive:

  • A safe place to ask the questions that are flooding your mind
  • Strategic answers that give clarity on how to go from stuck to action
  • An entire team devoted to you and your success
  • New found confidence in the power of teamwork

Find the people who see your strength

You are decent in the journey you Choose

If you feel the challenge, you can change


Congruence, you need to be congruent with what you want and what you will do to get it

Positively stated, it must be positively formulated, because you will be thinking about full time

Resourced and realistic, you must have or acquire the resources you need – find the people and make your plan

Initiate and maintaine yourself, do you have what it takes – find the people who support you – the push in the right direction

Ecological is must be positive and ecological – you want to be your best and see the best

Evidence criteria, how will you know that you have achieved your goal or outcome

Time-phased, make a timeline that is realistic and remember a dream that has no deadline is a wish. Life coaching for the outcome, focus on the steps forward, you know you can do it better, else you would not even look here, this is why you are the voice, what it is about.

Whatever you focus on, is what you get.

Design Your Programs

– Your Way –

Make it happen, make the difference, you need in order to make it happen, only you can do, only you know what it requires to make it happen. Within life coaching programs we believe that each goal or outcome start with the:

Think about

below for a second: #Think about the following from the book – the 8th habit.( page 79) Wealth without work  ~   Pleasure without conscience   ~  Knowledge without character Commerce without morality   ~     Science without humanity   ~  Workship without sacrifice   ~   Politics without principle “A new philosophy a new way of life is not given for nothing. It has to be paid dearly for and only acquired with much patience and great effort” – by Fyodor Dostoevsky.#

We can even add a few more to the list:  Overweight without food    ~    Strong body without excise   ~  Alcoholic without alcohol – that is the easy one for us all to understand.

The fact is that we as humans are complex and nothing is the same for us, our outcome can be the same but road or journey to the outcome is very differently. To move on, to take the right next step is for you to find out and know:

Why am I not where I want to be? Why do I think it needs to be different? Something inside is so strong that and you must reach out for it. You know you must do something, just not what? for a period we stay unhappy, we are frustrated, and then you start looking for what to change, what to do, to make the difference to achieve a new outcome.

You are willing to do what it takes. That is why it is very important to reach out and focus on the outcome, start looking for new inputs to solve what you’re struggling with, do it differently. In all our doings in life, if we look at the feedback we get, then the feedback will tell us if we are going in a direction, where we want to be. Life coaching is a powerful tool to use when you want to solve topics or challenges in a new way. Only walk your way, only you walk your steps and only you know the right steps.

In CAL we challenge and help each other seek those options for next step. Only you can make it happen, and it is all your doing that will make it happen. You will have to use your capabilities and look within yourself to find the motivation and enthusiasm to make it happen. You will on the journey be challenged by the most powerful person you know, yourself. You will need to take care of all the inner changes, that are being challenged, supported, changed for you to go towards your new outcome.

Unsafe territory and on this journey, you must stay congruent. To stay congruent is to love, believe, aware and trust yourself that you have chosen and outcome that will make you an even better and that you have what it takes. This is why we have the forum, the blog, and this is what we believe. You can do it and you can make a difference in your life. You already know it.

You just must do it. In the different memberships you work differently,

·        me-member a place to tell your story

·        my-members a place to Exchange skills and knowledge

·By invitation only, share your life,

Be challenged by other members on your skills and knowledge to solve life topics and life challenges. We challenge each other for higher levels. There are so many questions to ask and so many answers, in the FORUM you find help, support, opportunities, new things you never dreamed of from others with same questions to life, to coaching as you, if you have a question  – for sure many others have the same question. Helping each other finding the answers – move on – do good in life – making a difference is worth it all. Coaching a habit, not an act. You want to make it better every day And because of this, you ask yourself – how can I do better – improve – you are a traveler in your space – you want to discover  – Life coaching makes a difference, there are coaching on many levels, here coaching is between all of us.

Each one of us can decide, which topics are active and we all have an opportunity to join and contribute. Each of us has a voice that is important, what we see and do makes a difference. Life coaching is about finding and being the best “we can”, do what we dream, live the life we want, and work for it every day. How many of us are living more or less the lives our parents did? A grand-papa sitting with his grandchildren, Here we see steps taking for love, what it means being able to talk and listen, be a part of our children’s lives,  results of the decisions make today, The decision you take today, where will they take you in 20 years?

Make the right decision today so it makes a difference, the first step in the right direction.

CAL is for dreams and hopes.

It is having a place to ask questions, finding a friend, someone to talk to. You not alone. Make your dreams happen, talk to someone about your dreams and hopes.


Make a difference not only for yourself

but also for all of us that needs your input,

You Matter