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It's about You and Self-Life-Coaching and Your results Your hopes and Your dreams


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Don't let it happen to you, that you don't know what to do ~ where to Ask ~ Do not be outsmarted, as I was, because I did not know

~ Tell your story ~ make a difference for someone who needs to know


Coachingandlife for RPL

About us

CAL is a forum a network about life, life on every level and for all of us, this is a place where we all can meet with one thing in mind, we want to make it better, it is about being our best, it is a place where we help each other to get and create the lives we each want to live.

We do this in a proper manner and therefore all questions all answers are for this world to be a better place, this is about how each one of us, gets a better day. All wished must be formulated in a positive way,

How we reach out for one another and how we manage to navigate. We make a difference in all we do, and this network is for you that wants to learn, develop, grow, improve and be a part of a Network, that for you will make a change, a difference, if you decide to join, we ask that you take an active role improve, help and ask for advice and wisdom, you are not alone and your voice and skills are needed.Join us and make a difference for yourself.

It is about YOU and Coaching of Your Life

Coaching making result

I work to improve my life, that is not an easy thing,
I am in no competition I want to improve myself and my doing. I start walking even though I am scared I keep walking.

Coachingandlife for RPL

Our vision is that members-support-members to

Tell, Share & Shape

Whom you talk to has direct impact on your mind and behavior – that is why you join because you know your power,

Together we make a difference




CAL is Founded in 2007 by Certified Life Coach Berit Ladefoged
– Dunedin – FLORIDA- USA  – Copenhagen – Denmark
The name CAL Means:

You are a world improver, your name is not common, as you are not a COMMON PERSON, you are exotic, a philanthropist, a dreamer. You’re an incorrigible benevolent person. The people around you have their faith restored in the humanity thanks to you, the way you are.

Just what we want this site to be, a place to make dreams come true, a place for all, we are not common, we want to improve our lives and we want a place to keep our faith in the humanity, learn steps to improve our act and outcome, we want to grow strong.

If you think about it, how would you feel if you saw a football team without a coach, this would make no sense to us, but in life, each of us must go by – what we know best here and now.

Is that good, if we join each other lives for common understanding, what differences could we make? What different outcome could you get? – if you had CAL, a place to ask your questions? Sometimes life takes turns we never saw coming?

What is wise to do?

What knowledge do you have to move forward with?

Use your power make your decisions know what you want.

The network where you tell share and shape is everything. Think about, what difference a good layer makes for a case. This is the impact good network has, it is your move to your success, your victories, the difference in your life is the information you are among.


Life takes turns, we meet many, we let go, only a few stay with us through life

CAL network is 24/7 and for you, you will never walk alone once you sign up. You will always have a place to belong. CAL because you want to make a difference for all the right reasons. You want to be a good example of what can be done,

I work to improve my life, that is not an easy thing, I am in no competition I want to improve myself and my doings. I start walking even though I am scared I keep walking.

I have a dream; I have goals for an outcome for my life. What I do, I do because within me is a dream, that I need to fulfill. I hold my key stones and I walk – join me –