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The only thing that can make you change your mind is insight facts and evidence to understand what is happening or going on. Why not use the strongest tool you already process inside “coaching”


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Prepare for what tomorrow will bring and know you have the resources to handle it. Getting advice, know where to find the right support and help is not when you need but the back-up you build. The people you are among who got you when you need it. This is much more than a membership its a way of living.

A coaching membership provides you with a safe place to ask. We use coaching as tool to ensure performance to excellence. No leader, no employee or person can change anything they do not know and are supported changing. We newest software and human performance to give all our members a safe place to gain insight, overview and evidence. To make the right decisions. A good decision will lead to better and a better will lead to doing more.

If you want to be in a team where how you do it matters – join us



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Berit Ladefoged
+1 727 300 8443

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Cal Coachingandlife your tool

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