To sign up must be a Choice

To be among experienced,
Who like You are seeking to improve their way
who are ~ Here ~ We know ~ We are
Not experts but We seek to know to act wisely


CAL coachingandlife for RPL

To sign-up, You accept to be decent in what you do.

With CAL we want to create a place to share life, we know, how hard and difficult life can be. We need to join, reach out, help support and guidance to find and use our own POWERSTONES.

You join CAL because it is important to you, that you know we walk together. We all know that in my life – I am the only one, who can do it, who lives it, and goes through it. I feel what happens to ME.

CAL is members with a drive who seeks to understand the tasks ……

  1. Members, that are active

  2. Members, that care

  3. Members, that want to reach out

  4. Members, that tell their story and seek help and advice

  5. Members, that knows this is about life, this is so much more than a story, it is my life

  6. Members, that can handle the truth and not tell everyone, that are supportive

  7. Members, that seek to do the right thing

  8. Members, that seek knowledge

  9. Members, that challenges

  10. Members, that makes a difference

This is why you join CAL

To be in a forum, where life coaching is part of your daily life; you seek tools and techniques to improve your skills in doing the right thing.

To lose your temper, to explode is easy; to learn how to do things the right way and keep on doing it, that is a challenge, to be better than your parents taught you, to follow dreams and make them come true, find your own outcome and understand your values, to find the strength and the ability to go on when life is hard, to understand another human being by being supportive, holding on.

To be WHO you are, what you dream of, to be a person that can be trusted, to listen to others, to be wise, to be a friend, that is what CAL is all about.


Any forum in CAL builds on decency, politeness, support, kindness, help, and understanding. It is a place where we share to improve ourselves. It is a place, where each of us takes the time to do decent and good. We aim to be the friend we never had. We are all experienced people and we share our ways.

We tell our story within CAL to improve our own doing, to find our own outcome, we seek to improve ourselves. To be a better ME with MY knowledge. To BE WHO I AM.

We can do anything, we cannot do everything, that is our challenge and our choice to make for that will determine our outcome.

Our way to create the right thing and for the right choices will give us the outcome we are seeking and balance in our lives.

Be proud of what you do and do what is right for you

From all of us in CAL to you, we hope you will get joy and happiness and we wish we are able to create a room space for your to express yourself and may your story help others. We learn so much for one an other, remember CAL does not have the answer, CAL makes the room for you.

IT TAKES STRENGTH and COURAGEOUS to be, WHO you are,  in this World, which constantly wants to CHANGE you, to make you fit, only you know WHO you are and what potential you have, and you need to be be brave, be strong, be WHO you are