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What does WHY give us !

Use why to investigate your own beliefs and awareness

Why, the why.

Why do we need to understand and know why?

We know that when we understand why, we have much better opportunities to seek better and wiser solutions, we know, where we are, we understand and we can make a choice.

Why is your best friend mad at you? – do you know?

You ask why? – and if we are good friends we have the opportunity to align the differences and move on together.

In many cases we do not get this choice, we do not ask, and we do not know why.

What does it mean to us, that we know, the why, and why do we in all we do seek the why.?

What happens when we apply for a job, and we do not get it?

We ask ourselves why did I not get that job?


Once we are facing the why, we have acknowledged and gotten the wisdom, that there is something, that we or others would like to be different. We get upset, we get angry, we have different goals and want different things in life.

We may all want to be rich if it came in the door by itself, we do not all want to be rich, when we know what it takes to be rich.

When we work the why, we need to understand that why is a strong value and the binder – it is WHY because if we want this.

Why do you get angry, because!

Why do I need to do this, because!

Why do you not want to be my friend, because!

Why did I not get the job, because!

Once we really start working with why, we see that many times during the day we use, why to help us create the results we want, why can be worked by you alone, without anyone knowing it.

Just ask yourself the question every time you feel like it can be better!

Which will bring you to WHAT – what do you know, and then you will start working, what to do, what choices, what do I need to change, what is my challenge.

Which will bring you to HOW, how can I do it, how do I want it, how long will it take, how to start.

Which will bring you to – what happens if you do not do it, what happens to your and your life, your self-esteem, your trust in you, if you do not do it.

If we ask why, what do we then think?

What doubt is it, that we question, and once we question, can we then stop and not continue, what we have started.

Another good question to ask, is this why we let go, why we choose not to ask, why we hold back, because and here is the because:

We know, we cannot return, we have to keep moving and continue. To work the why, is such a great tool for oneself, to discover, learn and grow.

Within the FORUM you can share your thoughts, your discovery and your journey.

If we do not ask why, what do we then thing?

Let’s take why first, why is this happening to me? When we ask this question we seek and understand of, what have I done, what can I do differently, if I choose to.

If we start asking the why, we open up for choices of opportunities.

USE your voice and USE WHY as a tool to discover and make a choice.

Going back to the why?

Why is why, what do, we learn, when we start asking the why’s?

what do you think, see all of this has no meaning unless each one of us can make a meaning of it, use it.

Why is a why  – not worth anything unless you are aware of the meaning and the belief that it gives you.


Life is love

We can achieve many things in life and it will give us a huge satisfaction, feeling love and doing things out of love brings us home to where we belong

Life is knowledge

For all we do in life, we know and feel, that when we are seeking the right knowledge, we grow and make wise choices to create the lives that are right

Life is perfect

You have a perfect picture inside, only you know, what is looks like, only you can make the perfect picture alive, you are the creator, you are the difference

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